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Hoping to Get Pregnant: Stop TRT or TRT + HCG, Clomid, or Nolva

Been reading through posts, trying to educate myself as much as possible as my endo seems to have done me an incredible disservice and never mentioned anything about HCG when I started TRT.

30 years old, been on TRT for just about 3 years at this point, no HCG use the entire time. Admittedly I have cycled up to higher doses twice during this time (6-8 week stretches) and right back down to TRT dosing.

Testicle size is basically non-existent at this point, though they were never very large to begin with. Prior to TRT my serum test came back at around 150 ng/dl.

My brother hopped on TRT around the same time (37 years old) and ended up in the same position. His endo had him stop all TRT and go on 500iu of HCG EoD for 3-4 months. He was able to get his sperm count back up from 0 to 60 million but he also developed gyno extremely fast…so not really wanting to take his route.

Reading through protocols and advice given to others by KSMan and here are the two options im considering (if I understood correctly, PLEASE correct me if I am wrong):

Staying on TRT either:

Inject T twice a week
0.5mg Arimidex at time of injections
250iu hCG SC EOD


Inject T twice a week
0.5mg Arimidex at time of injections
10mg Nolvadex ED


Inject T twice a week
0.5mg Arimidex at time of injections
25mg Clomid EoD

Is one more favorable than the other? Is there a better option I should be pursuing?

Thanks in advance

Endocrinologists and urologists are typically the worse at TRT as they typically don’t specialize in this area of medicine. Getting proper care is typically found by going private.

FSH injections is far more effective at increasing sperm production than HCG and there is no need to stop TRT. The best cheapest place to get FSH is compounding pharmacies, Empower pharmacy. If you doctor is suggesting stopping TRT just so you can go on HCG is an indication your doctor is a dingaling and doesn’t specialize in this area of medicine.

FSH injections don’t complicate your TRT protocol, no excess estrogen then requiring an AI. There is only pros and no cons top FSH injections.


I’ve yet to read anyone on this forum that uses FSH. Please say something if you are on it.

And systemlord what is your PERSONAL experience with fsh?

Dr. Saya and everyone who has gone on a small dosage FSH injections has seen dramatic increase in sperm production without HCG. FSH is used in women as well.

There’s a thread on another forum where everyone that uses FSH sees incredible results as long as testicles aren’t damaged to badly.

If FSH doesn’t work, nothing will.

Would it be best to speak to my TRT doc about this or another type of specialist? I’m in the Tampa area.

DR. Saya, Defy Medical is in the Tampa area.

I hadn’t heard of FSH injections for men either, but not against looking into it at all. Thanks for the info!

I disagree with the general statement that urologists are incompetent with TRT. There are quite a few in my area who deal with it effectively and everyone I know on TRT goes to one.

As stated numerous times, I had my first kid while on T for 100 mg per week and 1000 IU three times per week. My wife is now pregnant again.

A suggestion of HCG monotherapy does NOt indicate a doc is incompetent considering some men do fine with it, even going up to 10,000 IU per week for fertility and T maintenance.

OP: where are you located? Why did you “cycle up”?

Testicular atrophy is not a worry for fertility. Mine are half normal size and there are two pregnancies so far and several miscarriages, indicating all can be fine with the right meds and dose.

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@tjames20 brother you don’t have to stop T.R.T at all to get her preggies, actually every man in this PLANET doesn’t have to stop T.R.T to get pregnant his wife. i am sure 95% of them will indeed if they add High dose HCG along with their Testosterone shots. Testosterone helps sperm motility and things but doesn’t help the sperm count overall, that’s where you need LH & FSH still. and if the man can afford it. then H.M.G (Human Menopausal gonatropin) would do it even better than HCG. Guys coming off T.R.T are crazy to try get wife pregnant, you will be back to feeling terrible LOW T symptoms all over again & not worth the health implications.

I met w Defy per your suggestion and received FSH today. Anything special I should be aware of or on the lookout for?

Did you have success with hmg? I am having horrible side effects with hcg. We are trying to get pregnant and I don’t know what else to try. My count has dropped way low without the hcg. I cannot get back on the hcg. If I have to stop trt I will but I have been feeling good on it… I’m hoping I can get some feedback on something else that helps for fertility

I’d suggest speaking w Dr Saya at Defy Medical. I cannot take HCG. The headaches are brutal.

It killed my libido and caused odd shrinkage in my penis and scrotum for days after taking it… had a lot of weird side effects from it. I have to find something to help with fertility. Did you take the fsh? Is it working for you?