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Hoping to Get Good Input


Long story short been dealing with low energy fatigue etc for a while now, thought it might be low T, got checked, yes it was low t, was at around 170
got put on "androgel" 1% 5mg day for starting.

I have a concern though because I read that a common side effect is testicular atrophy, this wouldn't be a problem frankly i don't care about the aesthetics of my ball BUT i had a testi removed a couple years ago and they essentially tied the right one so it wouldn't twist and was "safer" or whatever that way.

now will this cause complications if my ball shrinks and or retracts from the TrT?

Thanks in advance for the advice, I might just be paranoid but i'm getting worried about this because I didn't discuss it with my doctor when he perscribed it.


You should read some stickies here and start with:
- advice for new guys [ and note first paragraph]

250iu hCG EOD [injected] prevents shrinkage and often improves mood. Sometimes shrinkage comes with a dull 24x7 ache.

Injections may work better for you and are least cost. If you have low thyroid function, you may not be able to absorb transdermal T effectively. Many who come here have thyroid issues. If you have not been using iodized salt, you are iodine deficient and thyroid function can suffer as evidenced by low body temperatures. More thyroid info in thyroid basics sticky.


Thanks for the response. but I was wondering if the atrophy would effect the pinned testicle in particular? does anybody have any experience with this. that's interesting about the temperature. I got my thyroid checked a year or so ago and I think it was normal but I'm going to have to look again, getting another check in a day or two.


The problem with Normal Thyroid is that the ranges include many states where people have hypo symptoms.

TSH range is 0.5 - 5, you want to be near 1.0


here are the levels I got done.

TEST (before treatment, followup work not done yet)
(range) (my value)
Testosterone 220 - 1000 ng/dL 176
Testosterone Free % 0.5 - 3.2 % 2.8
Testosterone Free 40 - 240 pg/mL 50.0


Triglyceride 30 - 149 mg/dL 60
Cholesterol 100 - 199 mg/dL 137
HDL Cholesterol >45 mg/dL 56
VLDL Cholesterol 6 - 40 mg/dL 12
LDL Cholesterol 60 - 129 mg/dL 69
Fasting Time Unknown
TC:HDL Ratio 1.00 - 5.00 2.45
LDL:HDL Ratio 0.50 - 3.55 1.23
Non HDL Cholesterol 90 - 159 mg/dL 81

TSH BLD (couple weeks AFTER starting treatment)

TSH 0.400 - 5.500 uU/mL 2.390

overall I don't think I did the right tests and the right time, half the reason i'm looking for an endo now, my doctor didn't give me a confident vibe at all.


in 2012 my TSH 1.14
2013 TSH 1.37


What tests are necessary to get now that i'm on trt?

I've noticed in other threads alot more complete bloodwork being done which is discouraging for me. is there a simple list someone can give me to get tested? would love to post more complete results for this forum's analysis


test 306 ng/dl
prolactin 8.7 ng/ml
Estrogen 89.8 pg/ml

I'm glad test got raised a bit but right away I feel like estrogen number is WAY too high.

any input?


aaaand I just read that this was the wrong test and I needed E2 and not "total"

getting really frustrated and starting to feel like I basically need to step by step tell my doctor what to do and treat myself. I emailed doctor about the test saying I need E2 done and he said that it's not necessary. I hate this.