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Hopeless at Getting a Plan


I’m in distress!

Ive been trying over the past month or two to set a plan and a regime to get me into shape, because frankly have had enough of being a fat, out of shape, unfit slob.

I weight 230lbs and I’m 17, talk about the whole ‘childhood/teenage obesity’ thing going on.

So Im 230lbs, 17, 6foot tall and really unfit, I calculated my BF% too be about 24% with some software I have which works it out from my body measurements, so I take that figure with a pinch of salt, but it seems pretty realistic to me.

My dilemma is this…

Ive read the offerings on this forum, most notably the T-Dawg 2.0, 7 effective habits and alot of the Chad Waterbury total body workouts, but thats all I ever manage to do, Read.

By all means reading and absorbing all these masses of information you’ve made available I just cant seem to put pen to paper and make some sort of plan or regime for me to get into shape.

I have few things that help, my hobbies are somewhat aerobic, Mountain biking and Karate, both of which I only do in moderation at the moment…

Please help T-Nation, please help me find a way of getting regime laid out in front of me so I can follow it, I just dont know where to start.


Try something simple, if your as out of shape as you say you are you will notice results quickly, try something basic like this.

Monday - Incline BP
Dumbell Flys
Bicep Curls

Tuesday - rest

Wendesday - Back squats
Thursday- rest

Friday - Deadlift

Weekend - Rest

If your out of shape, I’d suggest a bit of cardio even though most people would frown upon it.

I’d wait and see other peoples responses though, I’ve only been training for a few months and I’m 15 years old. If this helps, than your welcome :]

Thanks for you input Jamieson, I was looking to do something simple and basic, dont want to get too complicated if I cant even workout where to start.

Deads, Squats and Bench seem to be principal to my ideas…

But its just not getting a workout regime thats in question, its the whoolle picture.

Eating/Diets, how to watch what I eat, what to eat, when to eat. When to workout, what to work out, how to work it out.

And putting everything into one manageable and definate plan that will allow me to make some progress in the right direction

sent you a PM

I appreciate that what im asking for isnt really an easy thing to put down and its quite a big request, but please.

Please help me :slight_smile:

Ok, you are obviously overthinking things. You mentioned that you like to mountain bike but do it infrequently. Simple answer, bike more.

Go 3-4 times a week. If you are doing that, go every day.

If you go everyday for 30 minutes, go for 40-45 every day.

Build up on the amount of exercise that you do and then move toward a new goal (maybe incorporating weights).

If you can’t build on what you are already doing, you aren’t going to be able to stick to a weight lifting plan.

Remember, K.I.S.S.

I agree the only reason your having SOO many problems is your over thinking looking for the Perfect plan before even doing the damn thing. Get in the gym and the kitchen work hard plain and simple and try things see how they work for you over time


Just Fucking Do It.

Get a gym membership. Go three days a week, with a day off in between each, and lift (Say, M-W-F). Don’t use the machines. Bench press, row with dumbbells, and squat with dumbbells until you feel comfortable. Do at least that while you figure out a “better” plan.

You also need to start eating consistently. Eat a good breakfast (600+ calories?). Try to eat another 500 calories meal before noon. Eat another 500 calorie meal at noon. Eat another two or three more 500 calorie meals. Eat “good” foods; not junk food.
What foods … ? Tuna sandwhiches. Eggs. Any meat. Fruit. Vegetables. Cottage cheese. Eating is just as important as going to the gym. :slight_smile:

If you really want to lose fat, you’ll have to count calories to make sure your getting less calories in than your expending. This means pre-planning your meals. Your lifting will help prevent the loss of muscle while your body loses fat.

Get consistent sleep (7-8 hours) every night.

Helpful links (exercise “videos”):

(Read the below after your already got your gym membership and started lifting a bit.)

Like everyone else said, don’t overthink the situation, just do it.

If you’re looking for something basic, try Rippetoe’s Starting Strength. This is the layout of the plan:

Workout A

3 x 5 Squat
3 x 5 Bench
1 x 5 Deadlift

Workout B

3 x 5 Squat
3 x 5 Standing Military Press
3 x 5 Power Clean

You work out three times a week, with a minimum of one day rest in between, and rotate the program from week to week. So it will look like this:

Week 1: Monday - Workout A, Wednesday - Workout B, Friday - Workout A

Week 2: Monday - Workout B, Wednesday - Workout A, Friday - Workout B

Week 3: A/B/A, Week 4: B/A/B, etc.

This should give you a basic foundation, and you can use this plan for several months to build strength.

I’ve got an idea:


Get Off Your Ass.

You don’t need a plan to work out. Your body doesn’t realize that you don’t have a plan.

Just get in the gym and lift. It’s that simple. It will take a couple months for your body to get used to lifting, during this time you can find out what body parts you enjoy working and which you would rather avoid. You can then plan your workouts to start with the parts you want to avoid and end with the enjoyable.

This isn’t rocket science. You are just avoiding the hard work ahead by not “having a plan”. So you must be hopeless, right?


You are just procrastinating. Develop the action habit and get started.

Good Luck.

I agree with starting with the Starting Strength program. It’s a simple, incredible workout that will yield huge gains in strength and size for a beginner. As for the diet, it sounds like you know what to do.

Everybody on here has started at some point with no idea what to do. Write down a diet plan following some articles by Dr. Berardi. Go for two weeks, weigh yourself, adjust the eating plan accordingly. It’s all trial and error, not some perfect equation. Learn what works for you.

You need clear head-space,dude!
Stop with the self doubt,and thoughts of immenent failures!
Your not moving forward because your afraid your only going to slip on your ass.
Start with what you know…build your endurance and it’s intensity with mountain biking,with karate (both will certainly create stronger self-esteem,and a base for flexible rotations with weights.
Steady wins the race,kid.
Build slow ,build steady.eat 6x a day ( by not staying hungry,no vending machines,no choclate bars,no empty shit calories)
stay focused on the goal at hand,and visualise where you want to be,tomorrow,next week,month,year…you get the idea.
you can do it.
I’m a gym rat celebrating my 50th last march…

All the Best!


Dude, I started off at about the same place as you. 6 foot tall 236 lbs. Within a month I was down to 221 and down a pants size. I’m 33 so my metabolism is probably way worse than yours.

I highly recommend CW’s Big Boy Basics. Follow it to a T. I’ve been losing fat and still getting strength increases every week. Do HIIT on your bike. It sucks ass, but it seriously melts the fat.

I know it’s all overwhelming, especially to a newbie. My advice is to focus on diet first. When you have that down pretty well add in some physical activity. It doesn’t have to be complicated. If you want a ballpark, start out at about 2400 calories a day spread out over 6 meals, so roughly 400 calories per meal. You should probably tweak it a little so you get slightly more calories first thing in the morning. Eat protein at every meal.

Don’t fear fats, buy fish oil pills and skippy natural peanut butter, use olive oil to cook or just sack up and do shots of flax oil (nasty but quick and easy). Weigh yourself once a week and if you are not seeing results, tweak your plan.