Hopefully This Will be the Log of Extreme Deadlifting

I’m not very extreme. Currently, I’m a full time graduate student who got back into the lifting game last semester when I found another woman who was as dedicated as I wished I had been. This woman stuck by my side for the longest consistent run of working out that I’ve managed since returning to school at the age of 25. Then she went away for the holidays, I was trapped without a car several miles from the gym during a very snowy December, and now I’m probably back to where I was before I met her.

Last semester we did 5-3-1 3 days a week with deadlift, squat, and bench press. My shoulder was giving me trouble for the first part of the semester, so I didn’t set any records in that department. In addition, I’m a naturally smaller, endurance build person, and this strength stuff doesn’t come easily for me; none of my lifts are that impressive.

After years of unsuccessfully trying to affect that, my goals have changed. My new goal is this: I want to be the most consistent, hardworking person in the gym. I don’t care how much I am lifting or how ripped I look. At the age of 28, those things don’t seem that important. Plus, I know that if I am consistent, those things will happen.

So, after years of setting weight (both bar and body) goals, I am done with them.

These are the numbers that I care about:

I will work out 4x per week for this semester.

I will make my at least two of my meals (breakfast and lunch) up at the beginning of each week, freeze them, and take them with me 7 days a week.

I will do some cardio activity that I enjoy 3+ times a week.

Today I did the following (aimed at hypertrophy):

DB upright bench: GVT w/20lb DBs. I got all 10 reps each set, so I’ll bump it up next time.
Machine Chest Fly: 3 sets 12 rep 40lbs
Barbell Bench: 55lbs (my muscles were TOAST at this point) 12, 12, 10(FAIL) super setted with pushups. I only got 2, 1, and 0 pushups and was excited that I was able to push it to absolute failure here.
DB skull crusher for 30 continuous reps (I did 15 and then kept pushing out one or two reps as soon as I could for a semi-continuous set) 10lbs.

Good idea. A log will keep you honest and accountable. Consistency is absolutely the most important thing.

Csulli- Thank you :slight_smile:

Supersets of leg movement with core movement
A.Leg press- 150lbs
B.plank- 30 seconds
10x10 done GVT style. I went light on the weight because I haven’t worked out in a month and I want to be able to walk for the next week. I could have definitely done more. Also, I think I put my feet too high on the leg press because my ass is killing me today whereas my quads, which I was trying to hit with this workout, were mildly sore.

A. Leg Extension- 70lbs x12 reps
B. Situps- 35, 30, 30 (so weak, maybe because I just did 5 minutes of plank, maybe because I am just weak)
I was going to do hanging leg raises, but my shoulder felt like it was being ripped out of its socket, so I did the situps then and went to the doctor today. I’ve been assigned PT. This is a continuation of what’s now a 6 month shoulder injury ordeal.

A. Back squat- 85lbsx 8, 12, 9 reps
B. side plank- 30 seconds each side
Once again, shoulder issues got in the way. I was planning on doing ab wheel rollouts as the core movement here.

Cable Row- 70lbsx 10 x 10 GVT style. Was having trouble getting full reps at the end

DB Bent-over Reverse Fly concentrating on posterior deltoid by keep my hands infront of my shoulders- 5lbs x 12 x 12 8lbs x12

Close-Grip lat pulldown- 80lbsx 12 x12 x12 was hard at the end

BB bicep curl 30lbs extended set- did 11 and then didn’t set the bar down until I had a total of 30 reps, doing a few more to failure, then resting, then a few more to failure, then resting (not sure what this is called. It’s like forced reps, but no one is forcing me).

Oh yeah, and I did make up my breakfast and lunch this week:

Breakfast: 2 eggs, 1 vegetarian sausage, a huge amount of spinach, cheese. Do not let the vegetarian title of the sausage fool you; it contains 26g of protein, 23 grams of fat, and is a total of 260 calories by itself. This meal is probably a little over 500 calories.

Lunch: 1 chicken breast, about a cup and half of a frozen veggie mix, 1/2 cup rice, homemade teriyaki sauce

Dinner today was a burger (went out to eat) and a side salad.

Then whey protein shake afterworkout and I am starving, so I am going to have some tom yum chicken soup.

This is the most helpful article I’ve found on this site. Putting it here so I can start using it during my warm ups. So far, I’ve done it a few times and it radically changes my entire posture after just five minutes. In addition, I have had major issues increasing my deadlift compared to my other lifts and I have all of the symptoms of lordosis.

2014 is the year this will be fixed.