Hopefully Starting a Cycle Soon. What Else Do I Need?

Hi, so I’ve been out of the lifting game for a couple summers now and I’m looking to get back in to it. I’m a 29 year old male 5’10" and 205 lbs. I’ve had experience with Test Prop in the past, which worked out really well. So I acquired through a buddy of mine the following supplies and I want to know what else I may need to complete a full cycle, if I need to purchase more etc.

2 250 mg/mL vials of Test E
2 packages of HCG 5000 I.U.

I have already ordered the correct syringes. I know I may need some other supplies? Perhaps I can gather some insight here on where to start. Thank you so much!

Need a pct

I assume you’re aware of the acute and long term risks associated with AAS. It’s good you’ve come for advice, demonstrates integrity and a sense of the right attitude rather than the gung ho “I know everything” ideologies many harbour. However you aren’t ready for a cycle.

  • don’t know/have pct
  • wish to be fed advice.

I’d recommend doing research, as much as possible… then researching some more, THEN coming here with a protocol of whichever members here can break down and critique. Anabolic steroids are serious business and need to be treated with the utmost respect. You may even decide steroids aren’t for you… or you might decide they’re exactly what you’ve been missing in life. Depends on whether the risk/benefit ratio stacks up in you’re perceivable favour

What makes you think you are ready for Steroids after not even lifting for a “Couple Summers”?

Have you bought a gym membership yet?

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Yes I am aware. And I used Nolvadex as part of my PCT last time. Did I acquire enough Test E for a full cycle and are there other things I am missing.

Yes I have a facility to train in. I was an avid lifter for many years. If this is the wrong place and time to inquire more about this I understand. I was just asking.

Its not the wrong place nor time. It just may be premature to hop on steroids as soon as you start lifting again. Why not see what you have left in the tank naturally?
I guess I should have read more thoroughly and seen you really arent natty and have experience with Test already.

I would start off with Blood work and see where your baseline is before starting cycle. Get full lab work completed.

As you’re finding out, there are no free passes here at T-Mag, especially the Pharma forum. I think everybody’s point is that you need to get back in the gym, create a habit of eating and training correctly for an established period of time, make some real changes in your body in response to this and once you have come to your potential, THEN you add gear.

P.S. This could take YEARS