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Hopefully Acupuncture Is the Answer

I’ve had annoying sciatic nerve pain since September that’s really screwed with my deadlift and squat. Monday my school had a health fair and there was a guy talking about acupuncture and how he had sciatic nerve pain also and once he got acupuncture done, he was out surfing again that week. I don’t want to take 1 persons word for it so what do you think? I might get it in 2 weeks over christmas break

I’ve never seen acupuncture ever cause much harm (unless psychologically ie false hope). I would say give it a go! You really don’t have much to do. There have been many alternative medicine approaches that have worked wonders for many people, you just need to keep a positive attitude about it (else you can end up with a bad case of “nocebo effect”).

There are plenty of merits to acupuncture (along with Osteopathing MM and even the work of Dr. Sarno) just don’t get taken advantage of!

good luck!

Accupuncture will work temporarily, read my other thread on Low back pain? read this first.

That’s for you, as well as side lying clams on the side you’re got the sciatic, do what’s in that thread and you’ll be good to go.