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Hooters, In the Gym?

Yesterday, just as I was stepping away from a great couple sets of bench and T-levels were soaring, in walks Mrs. Hooters. No joke, this lady walks in right off her shift from Hooters and starts doing bent over db rows. Orange, butt-hugger shorts, “delightfully tacky yet unrefined” cutoff tanktop and the whole 9 yards!!! All the guys in the gym kind of looked at each other with a wide eyed grins saying,“Is this really happening?” She was pretty decent looking, and didn’t even seem phased by the whole gym stopping to watch! I wanted to ask her if she brought any hot wings!! What do you guys think about this? I don’t think this lady could have begged for any more attention! Should Hooters open a snack bar at all gyms? Just wanted to hear everybody’s take on this!!

That is unbelieveable! I think I would have put in an order for a couple beers and some wings!
I wish that kind of shit happened at my gym!

A couple of “Deep” Thoughts from your dirty uncle PlateHeadJim:

  • Yes… Yes, shit like that happens at gyms
  • No!!! For christ sake - NO - they don’t mind guys watching them, that’s the point
  • Yes! Oh Yes!!! They’re easy. I’ve tested that theory a few times, by the way :wink:
  • The best gyms for that are usually the psuedo sort of hardcore but not really kind of gyms like Golds or other ones that have freaky dance beats playing even in the iron room.

Why… I remember it as if it where just yesterday … (dream sequence)… This chick was working out and lo and behold every I went, she went to make sure she did some obnoxious exercise with her ass blasting through her tiny shorts and her nipples practically hanging out with each bent over row or tricep kickback. I eventually felt sorry for the her and let her blow me later :slight_smile:

I hate that shit. “Please pay attention to me!!!”. If you guys had the chance to see a REAL T-Vixen like Michelle doing ass-to-grass squats or Patricia pulling her 1 RM dead, that airhead in the Richard Simmons shorts would look pretty dumb.

Sigh there are no Hooters resturants on Kauai. Heck their rarely are any women working with free weights either. I gotta move of this rock soon.

Yes a healthy Hooters snack bar… lots of lean fresh meat, good carbs, free water… good fruits & vegetables. The combination of the hot women and good food would probably be an ideal environment. I’d probably put on lean mass faster… course I’d be pitching a tent as well.

Actually, I hate girls like this. They go somewhere dressed like this, then they wonder why they have all of these trashy guys hitting on them. Either that, or they act oblivious to the fact that guys would answer yes to EVERYTHING and ANYTHING she asked, no matter what, just in case she happened to slip a “you wanna have sex with me” line in there.

By the way, I get bored with these girls. If I wanted to stare at it, I would go to Hooters or pick up a Playboy. I would much rather see a slighly sweaty, hot pony tail, nice ass, and perky pair of breasts doing a good workout than that tease. Intellect, self-respect, and a lack of desperation or need for attention still speaks for something.

Watch out. One of the above type of women was workout in a gym I trained in once. She followed a pretty decent routine too, but was there to be seen. When I did not paid her the proper attention, she accidently bumped me as I was putting away some 75lbs dumbbells. Her bump caused me to miss with the second dumbbell and I ended up breaking my the tip of index finger (My trigger finger, damn it, fortunately I shoot with both hands). Don’t waste your workout time on them. Watch them from the treatmill or exercise bike to help pass the time. Best of Luck.

Let me get this right T-Men complaining because a hot chick enters your gym half dressed? Hmmmm!!!

Not complaining, just saying I’m not going to get bent all out of shape for them. Hey, I like looking as much as they next guy, but I get annoyed with how they act about it. If a hot girl comes in and likes looking good and all of the benefits, I love it. If some woman comes in all whored out just to get guys panting over them, I’ve got more to do than swoon over it.

Right on, ThetaChi Guy. I agree with you wholeheartedly. But how do you guys feel about approaching females at the gym? On the one hand, meeting a girl at the gym seems ideal; ya know, commen interest and all. But on the other hand I’m personally not at the gym to socialize and I would hope that the young lady in question wouldn’t be either. I’ve only approached one girl at the gym, and the results were ok but nothing came of it. Any thoughts?