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Hooten Criticizes McMahon on Steroids



I can't believe this guy still has a pulpit. All the sympathy in the world to him, but how about talking about the dangers of putting a teen on a black box antidepressant - or at the very least differentiating between an adolescent using stuff vs an adult male - instead of claiming "every reputable doctor" is against steroids.


Why the hell is he involved in Connecticut politics? I love how he says neither he nor the Hooton foundation will take a position on the campaign or offer advice on how Connecticut residents should vote.


And he wonders why his kid took his own life. (well actually he doesnt wonder, he knows why)

Hooton is a grade A piece of shit.


He has to say that, not for profit entities are prohibited from endorsing political candidates or getting involved with campaigns in general. I'm surprised he even commented about this, he's walking on thin ice.


Hooten is a retard. If we gave the power back to the doctors so that you don't have grown men trying to "nurse" themselves with half assed medical information, the "risk" of steroid use would drop. What makes them dangerous is that those who want to use them are going to black market sources...and since we KNOW prohibition won't work when there is massive demand, I guess we should just keep lying to kids so that politicians can have things to stand against.


Very true....it's similar to the timeline of medical marijuana....and the simple fact is, even if they do not believe in what they are saying no politician wants to come out as "pro-drug".

It's political suicide.


x3. I'm not pro or anti steroid but the way the situation is currently being handled sucks big time.


Really? this is what is an "important issue" for somebody running for a senate seat? I think senators have a lot more important things to worry about than a niche drug that is completely blown out of proportion by the retarded media.

I'm just blown away that they are picking on her because of something as trivial as her stance on steroids...Seriously?

His son committed suicide after stopping a cycle of steroids? Yeah, hate to break it to you, dumbass, but there are (were) a lot deeper psychological problems with your stupid son if he killed himself.

He can't except that his son failed at life, so he had to find a scapegoat, so why not jump on the steroid bandwagon.


x2 dude!


Wow, come on man, have some compassion. The guy's speaking out of his ass, but he's dealing with something that by all accounts is pretty friggin hard. He deserves to have his points countered and dismissed, simple as that. But to say that a kid - a KID - who felt so much pain in life that he felt the best thing to do was to end it is a failure just completely oversimplifies what must've been a severe, severe depression.


I'm wondering what the steroid testing policy of the foundation Hooten works for is. Or are they condoning their use by inaction?



Hyena, while I agree with the first half of your general message, easy killer.


Anyone expecting anything rational to come out of Don Hooten is expecting too much, while I feel sorry for the guy he has refused to listen to any common sense or medical evidence and would rather misdirect all of his anger at teh evil roidz.


Jeeze! I wish that the bad experiences of my life gave me licence to besmirch something I have absolutely no understanding of at a national level and with political aims, all with complete immunity from criticism due to the fact that the circumstances of the event is an emotional hot button.

Madlibs for non-profit organization:

I lost my _____ to ______, and now I hate ______! People who_____ should be ______ because of their _______.

(make checks payable to ___ at ____ against _____ and for the protection of ______)


Wait, wait, wait, so you're telling me politicians AREN'T supposed to be dictating medical care?

Making comments like that is just irresponsible, X.