Hooking Up

It has been theorized that everything we do in our lives is ultimately centered around our most primitive drive: procreation/perpetuation of the species. Just a theory, but I guess you can make the argument. It always fascinates me to see the crazy things people will do for someone if they think it will get them in bed with that person. Myself included.

I’ve been a bachelor again for a few months and I’m enjoying myself, but I’m always open to suggestion in order to maximize my potential. Sharing tricks of the trade, if you will. I know we have a few Wilt wannabes here who claim to have slept with hundreds of women, but let me make it clear that I’m after quality and not quantity. I’m not saying I’m some kind of pimp, but I’ve always had a girl for about 11 years.

After becoming single again, my game was a little rusty. In fact, I had this nurse at work totally flirting with me and I was digging her too. She was fine, athletically built, a T vixen. But when I went to ask her out, I was such a tool that she gave me the old “gimme your number, I’ll call you.” I knew that instant that I would never hear from her again. Doh! I should have just said, “hey, you’re fine and I want to take you out sometime.” But instead I started talking about my ex, her stalker, going to court, a patient jerking off in front of me and another patient, being broke, etc. Talk about NO GAME. I talked myself right out of that one. Diarrhea at the mouth. It’s coming around though, like riding a bike.

Just curious to hear some of your favorite places/methods to hook up. Here are a few of the more high yield ones for me:

  • Parties: This includes friends parties or showing up at random peoples houses. More acceptable on college campuses.

  • Parks: When my rott was a puppy, I would take him to the park and every girl that walked by would stop to pet him. Great icebreaker. For added effect, wrap athletic tape around one of his legs so he looks injured. My roommates and neighbors even borrowed him; he was such a chick magnet.

  • Weddings: Everyone is looking their best and drunk. Bridesmaids are also looking to fill the void created by the fact that their friend/sister just got married and they are single. It is your duty to fill the void.

  • Grocery Store: Hang out in the produce section, a la Animal House. “My cucumber is bigger than yours.”

  • The Beach: For some reason, girls can justify cheating on their boyfriends at the beach. Don’t ask questions. Also, don’t let your girl go to the beach with her friends.

  • New Orleans: By just walking down the street with beads, the ice is already broken since you have already seen the other person’s breasts. This is also a great place to take a romantic interest because there is just sex in the air.

Strip Clubs: For some reason, there are always young single hotties whenever I go, and I’m not talking about the strippers.

Work: Ever notice how the more you see someone at work that you didn’t initially find all that attractive, the more appealing they seem? It has to be due to the element of danger associated with getting caught at work. That or you’re working too many hours.

Baseball Games: Girls travel in packs to games. Since beers are 5 bucks a pop, you’re less likely to make a fool out of yourself or vomit on them, although it does still happen.

Boating: If you have a boat, it’s as if you’re in some kind of special club where everyone talks to you and wants to party. Ahoy!

Day Spas: This is one instance where it’s worth paying 25 bucks for a haircut. The employees are generally fine, and young single babes flock to these places to blow money on their nails, facials, hair, massages, etc.

Of course the obvious ones like bars, gyms, high school parking lots (Nate Dogg haha jk), should be noted. Maybe any special techniques such as the wing man or non-cheesy pickup lines would suffice here.

Let me add the Long Island Railroad to your pickup list (for those Iron Brothers in NY). When I worked in midtown, my hours were such that I practically had no social life. I actually made quiite a habit of picking up women on the trainride home. My friend Karen started calling me the LIRR-Whore. (I’m so ashamed -lol)

Considering I know absolutely nothing about picking up women (see the “Girl” thread) I won’t be able to contribute anything to this discussion. However, some information is pretty good. Puppies are definitely a good pick-up line in and of themselves. Thats why you gotta use dogs to your advantage when they’re young and pick up as many women as possible before they get all slobbery and stuff (not that dogs aren’t cool when they’re slobbery, just not chick magnets).

I will second the day spa/trendy hair salon suggestion. I go to the latter every so often when I’m about to attend a red carpet affair or, you know, sit on the couch and scratch my balls. That place is oozing with big breasts, big nails, and, well, big skanks (but hot ones). I routinely see at least one girl’s thong while I’m in the waiting area. The only drawback is that the one straight stylist in this joint (or is that in the whole industry?) has fucked, oh, all of these girls. That’s just weird, psychologically. But, hey, you’re welcome to hit it. I’ll give you the address.

you forgot concerts. You’re already interested in the same music, or at least you think you are, plus your adrenaline is pumping and you’ve both prolly had a little something to drink. COmbine all this with the fact that you’re pretty much forced to be rubbing up against some one, and you have the perfect set-up for going home with some one.

I’ll add myself to the list, along with chris, of guys with no game for picking up women.

ScrubMD: You told this chick about a patient jerking off in front of you? And this scared her off? Usually when I talk about stuff like that women get interested! (Maybe I need to start talking to a better class of women.)


What have guys said to break the ice that worked on you?

Bald scholar: yeah the guy was a drug seeker with all kinds of pain, including chest pain, so he was given nitroglycerine. A side effect of nitro is its aphrodisiac property. I don’t think he even realized he was doing it. Anyway, she actually thought it was funny and we talked for a while. Not saying I have no game, it was just hurting for a while after I broke up w/my ex. Guess I tried a little too hard because I was mentally undressing her at the time. Plus, I’m sure she has her pick of all the residents and interns. As a med student, I’m at the bottom of the hospital food chain.

ScrubMD2B, Nate goes to the Jr. High Schools!

Hey Scrub… liked your post and view on things.
I think it is important to just talk to people… talk to as many as you can… every where you go…pretty girls, plain girls, nice girls, bad girls. The more you talk to the more chances of finding that special person where the conversation comes very easy. You will know when this happens. There is no struggling what to say next. Where a smile comes automatically on your face without thinking about it. My problem is getting to the next step, to find someone who you inspire just as much as they inspire you. One who dreams similar dreams as you, not exact but just similar. One, you feel comfortable telling all your secrets, fantasies and thoughts no matter how stupid.
Once you find this person then you can openly tell them who you saw masturbating today.

Oh, by the way,
Is it true what they say?
“Girls don’t like boys they like cars and money”

game is for tools. just be yourself.you’d be surprised how far a quick wit and an even quicker smile gets you.

real game is being yourself

good topic, and better discussion.
I think the key to hooking up, or at least being sought after both lies in personality and being a challenge. I would rank having a decent physique below those two or even further. You must be vivacious, effervescent, and captivating…even if it is sometimes stupid, girls will like that…be fun to be around…be confident, as they like that too.

Another great place to display this is on business trips…those are prime game for hooking up…colleagues at work also present an interesting opportunity, however one must be careful to not play too close to home.

At any rate, good luck


Point of clarification: a tool is someone who cannot be himself when it comes to dealing with the opposite sex. This is because he knows he sucks, so he plays games. This person is also known as the cheeseball. Real men don’t play games, I thought this was assumed since we’re on a forum called T. My bad.

When I use the term “game” here, I’m not advocating trying to be someone you’re not. No no no. Of course it’s better to be yourself, but who says you can’t be yourself in any of the aformentioned situations? And some of the comments were made in jest for comical value (the crippled puppy).

My point is, it’s common for people who have been in long term relationships to require some time to adjust or to become one’s old self again. People can let themselves go physically or develop bad habits from the comfort zone that goes with being with one person.

Sounds like I’m detecting some mocking undertones in the begging of this thread. You left out one great place scrub. YOUR MOMS HOUSE LATE NIGHT! It’s a real freakfest. J/K…anyway I’ll be honest cause I’m in a rush. I only read srub’s post not anyone else’s response. So here’s what works for me. If I see a girl in school or at a bar (my two main sources) and they smile or give me a look to the point where I get to thinking they want me to say something…I do. Usually just “Hi” if I’m in school and they aren’t in my class just to let them know I notice them and like what I see…then at some point down the road I’ll compliment something they’re wearing their hair and get there name, make chit-chat school talk. I show interst in what they say try to discuss common interest/make some up and show interest in something they like. At this point I’ve showe I’m a nice guy a good listener, and most likely attractive hence the looks she gave me before I got to know her. So many compliments given and recieved later I tell her I want to take her out. This is generally what happens at the bat too except in a much more condensced period of time which is facilitated by numerous mixed drinks and shots…you can seem nice and look good if a gilrs liquired up nice and good:-) As for trying to get with a girl the first time you meet her. I don’t do it all that often but when I do I’m just honest and I’ll say something like;“I’m normally not this direct but, I think you’re really attractive / beautiful / gorgeous/ cute and I know I’d regret it if I didn’t at least let you know and maybe get your #.” #1 it’s a compliment and said with sincerity a girl probably isn’t going to mind being told she looks good #2 She’ll also probably appreciate the balls it took to walk right up to her and tell her what you’re thinking (attractive can= intimidating). I’m sure there’s more but honestly I’ve never really broken down my technique, maybe I should so I can figure out how to get my # in check. Wow! that’s a whole lotta words for something that could be summed up in just a few phrases. Be confident. Show interest if interest is shown. Be good listener. Most girls like compliments and attention…this is some awfully basic shit, I can almost feel the flames now. Anyway that’s all I do…ohh yeah no ex-talk.


The odds are almost always in your favor and they usually have their guard down. Find the one you want inconspicuously follow her to whatever store she is going. If it is a clothing store tell her you are looking for a gift for your sister/friend and wanted to know her size because they are about he same size (make sure not to say anything that you can’t cover for…if you say sister you can’t be an only child). Department stores are great. Once had a girl try on at least 5 different perfumes for my ?mom?. Any other store, just ask them what they think about whatever.

Also like to spook them or pinch them then apologize and tell them I thought they were someone else.

A good LPD is afternoon Ice Cream or Coffee.

you crack me up bro! Good stuff. I can just see it as it happened, “so…hey, I saw a guy whackin it in front of me! Wanna go get some pizza??”…muhahaha. I’m just playin with ya.

I can so relate with you in terms of how “rusty” one gets when coming out of a long-term relationship and trying to re-enter the dating game. I get so tongue tied, its pathetic.

I will add a “place” to the list. How about the book store??? I spend alot of time in the book store on the weekends and it is especially nice now that all the college students from Cornell and IC are back.

Here is my latest opus into stepping up to the plate so-to-speak, and failing miserably.

So I was standing there browsing through some books when this fairly attractive girl walked up next to me and started flipping through some books as well. She was standing there for about 2-3 minutes and then started look at books that were on the same shelf that I was looking at. All I said was (trying to be my witty self)…“if I am in your way, just throw me an elbow and I’ll move.” I got a smile. I then noticed that she was holding a book so I asked, “what are you reading?” (I know…REALLY REALLY cliche), but she responded, “oh, I’m just looking for some cheesy romantic novels.” This is where I got tongue tied…I had NO idea what to say, so all I said was, “haha…well, can’t help you there.” She smiled and then walked away. Yeah, so I felt like a complete ass. Oh well, atleast I am taking baby steps in the right direction huh?

My problem has been trying finding places where I could potentially meet another girl. I’ve been in Baltimore for 2 years and have only met 2 girls that I could have asked out, but neither seemed interested.

I am usually either at work, at the the gym, or biking. It turns out that none of these places are ones where there are single women who are remotely close to what I’m looking for.

The orginal post had some good suggestions. Any others out there?

Hey, Tony, that’s not a bad line, bro. You should have gotten her digits, man. Work on the follow-through and you’re money.

I agree with C that wasn’t cheesey at all. Sounds like you’re on the road back into the game. BTW wasn’t it kinda fun just talking to a good looking strange girl? Keep doing it and eventually witty comments will just come out everytime you open your mouth (well maybe not).