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Hooking a Computer Up to a TV


I've googled it and I know I need a s-video cable. Is there anything else I need? What do I plug where?

anyone else do this?

my video card is a GeForce 6150 LE with a AMD Athlon 64x2 dual core processor 4400+

would something like this work?



Your video card needs a S-video output.


It depends on you computer jacks and tv jacks. If you have a S-video port on your computer and TV then all you will need is an S-video cord.

I believe the sound will still come out of the computer speakers and not the TV speakers.


how can I check?



If you have an HDTV, you can connect them with a DVI-HDMI cable. It won't carry sound over HDMI unless the card can handle it, though, which the OP's can't. You can also use a VGA cable if the TV has that input.


It has one of those.


I thought all I needed was a rca cable to get the volume to come ou tof my tv (suround sound). This is an older standard deff tv. I'm just for the most part going to play diablo 3 on it when it comes out.


It looks like I have two of those, but there are pictures for the mouse next to them. They are purple and green. I'm assuming these are the right ones.


tv= mitsubishi, dvd player has the svideo plug, I can't find one that looks like that on my computer, however.



would this work?


What is the make and model of your TV?


Isn't this video integrated in the motherboard? IMO you would be better off with a dedicated video card, something like this.


In the picture of the card the S-video is the port on the the left. It also has DVI in case you want to upgrade to a LCD later.

The ports you described earlier are PCI for a mouse and keyboard, these are for non usb devices.


What ya gotta do is, hook the pooper up to the pooper, and then connect it to the pooper.


for sound, you could use a 1/8" stereo to RCA Y adapter

connect the stereo jack to your speaker output on the computer, RCA to the TV or receiver input


this is what I use in the classrooms


might be out of your price range, getting a new video card with video out - whether it is RCA, S-Video, or HDMI - that's up to you


I would suggest a video card, but I'm not sure if your motherboard has an available slot and whether it is AGP or PCI Express. Do you?


Agree with this. Got a Toshiba HDTV and the quality changed CONSIDERABLY when I went from S-Video to HDMI. Got a lot more resolutions available and could actually use my TV's native resolution.

I don't think a DVI-HDMI cable will carry sound though. Technically it could since sound can go over an HDMI cable, but DVI doesn't support sound right over a cable.


Ok. my laptop only had a VGA(standerd monitor hookup) and s-video output. I have a LCD tv that i would like to hook up to my comp which would be the way to go sacrificing as little quality as possible

Just a straight s-video cable
using a VGA to DVI adapter and then using a DVI to HDMI cable?

Thanks much


you'll have to make sure your tv can take an s-video feed, otherwise the image will be in black an white.


For audio, look in the back of the tv and see if you have a connection that says aux. If so, plug the cable that you use for your ipod, click on the link for a picture, and connect that cable to the speakers on your computer.