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How many of you visit hookers.
I've been single for 5 years, and visit hookers about once a month. Sometimes I visit the same hooker, problem is I normally end up getting emotionally attached. So I try to vary who I see. This puts a huge dent in my bank balance, and I'm beginning to wonder if it has a psychological effect on me aswell. I think it makes me lazy with the opposite sex, i.e in social situations, as I know that I can easily get it by paying for it. I'm thinking of quitting seeing hookers altogether as it can be quite addictive. I'd like to hear some of your views please


Are you retarded?


"Sometimes you just need the honesty and security of a whore." - Killing Zoe


For what you are spending on hookers why don't you take your money and buy some nice threads and run a personal ad.

Enough women are out there looking too.


Do your hookers make sandwiches? Do they keep their mouth shut? If so...stick with the hookers.


You're relying on hookers for all of your sexual gratification and you have problems becoming emotionally attached to them. Before you buy the new clothes and place a personal ad maybe you should consider seeing a psycho-therapist.


I'll second the psycho-therapist comment.
Why don't you go out and try to meet a real woman rather than pissing your money away to the wind. Unless of course, you'd like to end up pathetic and with a variety of diseases!



Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic. I'm at a loss to make any other comment.


i wouldnt give a ho $.50!


Hey everybody....

Slow down on this guy.

Lets applaud him first for being open about a very sensitive subject as well as reaching out for some assistance.

Then, we can offer some constructive methods of resolution or alternative methods to satisfy his needs.

The jist of what I've read so far is one person recommends a new suit and an ad in the paper, the next recommendation is psychotherapy.

Thats it? Thats all the T-nation can muster without slinging insults and negative comments about the dude's lifestyle? C'mon now, this guys wants help and advice, not a series of blows to the junk for the choices he makes.

You need to think hard about a lifestyle change. The risk of disease is high, as well as the risk of having other violent things happen to you while you're dealing with those types of people.

As far as getting some counseling, there are people who are available at your local Public Health Department who offer these types of services for free or for a small fee. I think it's something you should definitely consider as well. The thing you should be concerned with most is your health. I've seen HIV/AIDS patients who were pretty much normal folks that just made poor decisions. For your safety, you must consider something else besides prostitutes.

There is help available, tons of it. More than you can imagine. Part of what I do is counsel people after they have made the wrong decision and caught something from someone. It's never a fun thing.

Here is a resource that might help.


There are other alternatives to buying hookers, and a lot of these alternatives will be available to you once you decide to look outside the prostitution circle.

Take care,
Good luck.



i had never visited a hooker til earlier this month. i always though it was kinda creepy and weird, but after talkin with my buddy, i figured every man should see a hooker once in their lifetime. so we hit up a whorehouse, and i gotta say afterwards, i've never felt so dirty [and ripped off] in my life. save your money, go talk to a real woman and you'll be better off for it. i'm still embarrased i went


Nice post Brad.

And here I was about to post something like "Use the hookers; it cuts out the song and dance called 'dating'".


brads a cool guy, and hes right


While I wouldn't "visit" a prostitute, I think you all are being a little hard on him. I don't think I find having sex with a prostitute any more objectionable than having a one-night stand with a promiscuous woman you meet in a club or bar. Also, you can get STD's from sex you don't pay for, too. I don't think you'd all be jumping over his back for engaging in promiscuous sex without money changing hands.

If you've been single for 5 years, I would suspect you haven't been applying yourself in trying to meet women and start relationships. You probably know that you can always fall back on hookers. Stop seeing the hookers, and you'll have a real motivation to find a girlfriend.


With my usual lets keep all things in balance and all options studied`, here we go:

1) Are you, by chance, the guy who created that webpage that is called The Nerd`s guide to sex? It has a specific section on hookers and the plusses/minuses and varia stuff.

2) Are we talking cheap crack hos or high caliber (big $$) prostitutes? By the term hooker, I assume you are in thenormalprice ranges. I ask this because if you use the services of a 4 figure escort, well, the number of poeple whoran the tracks` is, hopefully, lower, therefore possibly less diseases.

3) I don`t know where you live, but apparently somewhere in Nevada, there exists a legal brothel where all the girls are medically tested (disease free) frequently (no idea of the frequency). Thank TV for giving me stuff on unique businesses 4 000 miles from my home. Information age. LOL

4) Im not too sure that consulting a hooker is riskier than any girl you have no idea and hook up with in a bar. For having worked in a hotel glued right next to a discotheque (I mean, in within the same building, one glass door separating both), and being the front desk guy, youd be surprised at how much a guy who only goes there once in a while (your average guy, not the alcoholic bum) has absolutely no idea of the people who frequent the bar, or the number of people they sleep or have slept with. Doing 40 hours a week, I was forced to see the comings and goings of all the regulars, men and women, and, yep, when they rented rooms. Ehehehe. Trust me, some people are definitely what they look like, and the girl you don`t know at all maybe as a whore, if not worse, than any prostitute (number of strangers a week).

In short, caveat emptor (buyer beware), as always.


The biggest difference between the girl at the discoteque and a hooker is the almighty dollar...

The hottie looking for a one night stand has a lot less partners under her belt than the hooker.

You usually have to be a somewhat nice looking, nice smelling, smooth talking dude to pick up disco-girl, yet you only need a hunk of cash to pick up the hooker. She'll do about anything with anyone for the right price.

Disco girl is still a lot safer. There is still risk, of course, but generally a lot less risk than buying hookers.



Ask yourself first, "what do I really want"?
If all you want is sex, then paying for it is perhaps the most convenient option. Beware though, I worked with streetwalkers and call girls in a previous position in law enforcement. They ALL had std's!
If you really want an emotional attachment, get the hell away from the hookers/massage parlors/lingerie shows/strippers...they only offer the "fantasy" of emotion, i.e. for the price you pay they offer the following fantasy...totally accepting, nonjudgemental, and noncritical female companionship. However, if you lived with them as a significant other, they'd be just as difficult to live with as any other human being, and just as unwilling to put up with a man's bullshit, as any other woman. And remember, they can't even handle their own personal lives, otherwise they wouldn't be hookers.
Ever hear the saying, "cold as a whore's heart"?


The hell with hookers just get you a blow up doll.


i'm too cheap to pay for sex.
in the last couple of months i have just had Mojo, which is great, so regular sex hasn't been a problem.
the STD check with the swab in your dick isnt quite as much fun however...
condoms or not you still gotta get checked, especially with hoes!