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Hook Grip


i ask that question on the googinsville forum and didn’t get any answer , maybe you could help me?

What’s the advantage to use a hook grip intead of a conventionnal reverse grip?
i want to begin it, but i’m not shure because i don’t have specific reason to use it!

thank you

A hook grip allows you to grip more weight than a pronated grip. It is used in Olympic weightlifting although some powerlifter deadlift with a hook grip. Using a hook grip with heavy pulls helps reduce the chance of tearing a biceps when compared to the traditional over/under grip used in deadlifts.

Thank you!

warrior, the picture you posted is not a hook grip, i hope you realize. Your thumb needs to be under your forefinger and middle fingers.


also it helps prevent imbalance from right to left and miniscule twisting that possibly could be bad. I switched to hook grip a long time ago, but I still have 1 trap bigger than the other from using an over/under grip. I guess you could alternate each eat, but for most people 1 side is more natural and dominant.

thank you Mr. i did it to my last workout and i did 605 lbs on shrug with hook grip, and since i did not feel my thumb for 2 days…one thing to say about that grip: HARDCORE BABY, I LIKE IT!

I think I’m going to try this out tomorrow. I have a biceps tendon problem which prevents me from supinating my right arm on deadlifts. Hence I won’t be able to alternate the mixed grip like I usually do. I assume I should start out light with this technique?