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Hook Grip


do you need coaching to learn how to hook grip? or just practice?
also, can i use it if i have relatively short hands?....when i grip the bar my index and part of middle finger are over my thumb's nail....


You don't need any coaching. Maybe search for a picture out there but other than that it is pretty self explanitory. Wrap your thumb around the bar and then grab the bar and your thumb. Oh, just to keep you from having to post the usual next question. Yes, your thumb will hurt like hell when you first start. Don't worry, it will go away in a month. At that point you'll be able to put out candles with it!


if you can do that then you do not have short hands. I can barely touch the tip of my thumb nail when its around the bar. what kind of bar are you using? laters pk


most of the time i have to train at a hole in the wall gym. it only has old barbells with almost no knurling.
once in a while i have access to a texas bar.


If you haven't already, get some chaulk.


i have blistered the fcuk out of the inside of the thumb. im hoping that this is the path to a meaty callous.


I use the hook grip but I also use chalk and athletic tape.

Take a full pieceof tape about 4 or 5 inches long and wrap it around the base of your thumb. Tear off 2 more pieces about 4 or 5 inches long and tear them in half.

Wrap one piece around the last segment of your thumb and the middle segment, try to get two layers of tape on the inside of your thumb. And try to get the two pieces of tape as close together as you can with out them touching.

It'll take a little practice to get it just right to keep it from pinching but it's well worth it.


Just used a hook grip for the first time today for P-Cleans. My gym has no chaulk and the bars tend to get slippery. My question is, is the hook grip typically used for the snatch and P-Snatch also?

Also, out of curiousity, how many competitive O-Lifters use the hook grip? Is is the standard?


The hook grip is for powerlifters. If you're doing any Olympic lift and your grip is giving out, you either have the grip of a little girl or you're absurdly strong. (this of course doesn't apply if you don't have any chalk. But in that case you should go out and buy some, it's pretty fucking cheap)


Good to know. My grip grip is really strong for static holds. It's just a no chalk + sweaty hands + worn off knurling out by the collars, sort of problem. I have a hard time holding on to P-Snatches for more than one rep, even with pretty light weight. I have been wraping white hockey tape around the bar to make it less slippery but that only helps a little.

I am pretty the gym I go to does not allow chalk and I really don't want the management to notice me because of some of the other stuff I do there. Any other ideas besides becoming a covert chalk user?


I use one of these type things:

These keep things nice and tidy as well as discrete.


Um...No. The hook grip is standard for OL. I'm sure that some PL'ers use it. But the reverse grip seems to be more popular in PL. I've been OL'ing for 6 years now and I don't know of an OL'er that doesn't hook. They may use straps in training, but in a competition, they hook.




Also agreed - salty's wrong on this one. A friend of mine snatched a little over 400lbs at his peak. Try doing that without using a hook grip...



You need to learn the hook grip ASAP before you get too strong.


If you use snatch width grip don't try to grap the bar with your whole hand, you'll just rip the skin at the base of your little fingers - at least I do. Let the bar hang in the hooking fingers.


Are you sure you meant SNATCH and not C&J? That would be one awesome lift. What bodyweight? That would pretty much put him with the world's elite.


Yeah, I think he took 6th in China that year? I'd have to check with him, may have been 4th. He's a heavyweight (not superheavy). He retired from it though to pick up powerlifting - he couldn't keep up with his training schedule when he came to America for college.



You can get liquid chalk. It dries in a few seconds, but doesn't end up everywhere like the real stuff. I'm pretty sure no-one would realise what it was, unless they looked real closely.


I've got a video on my desktop of Shane Hammon snatching 190kg (418 lbs).