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Hook Grip (OUCH!)


started trainig for my first strongman comp. ive got baby sized hands and i read that a hook grip is the way to go for farmers.

i have a couple years of recreational OL so im not new to the hook grip.

i went to new gym today that had 160 DBs and decided to take them for a jog.

with a regular grip i could get them only about 40ft. (grip failed)

i then tried with a hook grip and i got about 150ft before my grabbers failed.

i taped my thumbs with athletic tape and chalked up but my thumbs really freekin hurt during the walk and still do now (a few hours later; kinda numb actually).

160 is light weight for farmers and im thinking that the 210 i gotta walk in the show is gonna hurt like hell.

is this something i just have to condition with time? will my thumbs toughen up to the hook?


yes and yes




Yes and yes--

But it doesn't take long to condition to the hook.

Also, I wouldn't wrap your thumb in athletic tape. I did that when I was learning the hook, thinking it would help the pain, and it actually made it worse--the wrapping increases the pressure on the tip of your thumb outside of the wrapping and the pressure of the hook, and if you leave it on long enough the skin on the tips of your thumbs dies. Not pretty.



i did notice the increased pressure.

well at least theres hope. i was worried.

just gotta suck it up!