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Hook Grip Is Much Better Than Mixed Grip

That’s why I switched to hook grip, once I switched to sumo the windmill thing was throwing me off and hook grip made perfect sense.

How many people have problems with the bar wind-milling in the deadlift, a sore elbow, an arm that won’t straighten and a bench press that stalls near the top?

Sounds like you are talking about me and @Vincepac1500 but we both use hook grip so there is no windmilling.

Its late, what’s he replying to? Cause that’s me aside from the windmilling. And now my elbow is pretty much healed and can straighten. But I do still miss my bench at the top lol

I don’t get it either.

@FlatsFarmer - What’s the deal here?

I’ve been trying to figure out elbow pain, shoulder position and extending the arm for awhile now. My elbow hurts and my bench dies at the top too.

Supination (underhand) of the lower arm is external rotation of the upper arm and shoulder.

Pronation (overhand) is internal rotation of the upper arm and shoulder.

If you guys are all about the overhand grip, pulling big weights, you are all about pronation or internal rotation, or lots and lots of biceps, trap, lats. And less into supination, or external rotation and less and less serratus, rhomboid and Triceps Brachii.

Good so far?


Another addition to the hook grip guide (if it’s not already in there): Hook Gripping the Smooth. Fully or partially.

I’ve been playing with this myself with input from @Vincepac1500 and @chris_ottawa

For guys with fingers long enough, infinite chalk and this maybe:

Hook gripping the smooth can save your thumbs to some degree and make the bar whip more.

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I saw the knife and knew exactly where he was going. Personally I’m not a fan of this.

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Love hook grip, high or low reps is fine with me.

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Just wanted to give kudos to @BOTSLAYER and some of the others for their contributions on this thread here.

I am not quite there yet, but I have made significant progress. It has taken me FOUR attempts to convert to hook grip. The first two failed due to impatience/greed… I gave up quickly, as I did not want to sacrifice my progress/program at the time and was discouraged by lack of technique and perceived anatomical disadvantages >> small hands. On my third attempt I tried much longer but the pain would not get less. I do not windmill with mixed grip so I gave up yet again.

I am unsure why I tried a fourth time, but I am finally making some progress. Keeping the thumb perpendicular has helped me, but also the fact that I am not currently on any programme due to lack of time for training. I have started with 70% of my 1RM for a single and added 5 kilos every week and to my surprise the weight went up every time. I have also done all my warmup deadlifts with hook grip. Hook grip is not the non plus ultra for deadlifting but if feels very natural and stable for me as a sumo lifter and I intend to get to my mixed/straps 1RM at some point.

So if above sounds familiar to anyone, it is not unusual to take a couple of attempts to get there. I would recommend to give it another go when you are not on any program or perhaps need to take a step back due to lack of time or even an injury.

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Good video to help the small/fat handed people and he makes sure to mention it is “counter intuitive to long handed people”. I also experienced a bit of this recently as my thumbs got fatter I had to relearn my technique a bit.


Well…now I have no excuse not to try and hook…damnit haha


This was made for me. Been working on it. Hurts like a mother but I know takes time.

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Just realised there’s some guys pulling mixed hook grip.

Would there be any advantage in terms of grip strength or security with hook vs mixed hook grips?

Perhaps they pull better overall with a mixed grip for whatever reason but want the security of the hook grip?

That seems weird.

Maybe it works better for people with small hands, who can have trouble with both hook and mixed grip.

Probably some guys who have issues with grip but feel weird with double overhand. Half the reason I switched to hook grip is because I was switching to sumo at the same time (after a conventional back injury) and I felt totally off balance pulling sumo with a mixed grip. I had a serious issue with what some people call “windmilling”.

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Why are you attacking me??!??

Just asserting my natural superiority, that’s all.

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I tried this, it didnt work for me but I was completely hampered by mobility issues.

In theory this should be the strongest possible grip. It also shouldnt be necessary but as the hands are the first signal to the brain of how heavy something is* I bet its kind of smart to do it. Not as smart as just regular old Hook Grip, obviously. :smiley:

*This is probably a reason why people usually lift so much more with straps.

I actually seem to be a bit stronger without straps, it’s like I feel more connected to the bar rather than it just hanging from my arms. I think that straps are probably more of an advantage for people with grip issues, if you have trouble holding the bar then it seems like it inhibits the rest of your body from working properly. I get that feeling if I try to pull something kind of heavy with double overhand.


Lately I’ve been warming up with the hook grip majority of the problem is the thumb and a little slip but guy on YouTube recons to lay the bar on the meat under your fingers wear your calisus are for less slip but when going real heavy I still mix grip till I build more tolerance with the hook it is good tho just the thumb has to get used to getting smothered I guess more adept to the abuse lol