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Hook Grip Is Much Better Than Mixed Grip


I think ur a freak then no offence


I don’t really think so. I’m just an average lifter getting better pound by pound. Hook gripping is easy for me. Sure it hurts, but I’ve done harder things in my life.


Hmm. I have next to zero pain with hooking heavy weight only with reps. There are no limits to 1RMing hook grip especially with a deadlift bar but reps fuck a lotta of people up. There isn’t that much benefit to using hook on high reps anyways. It’s not like the max hook weight gets trained up like double overhand or mixed grip maybe max pain tolerance gets trained up lol



I don’t claim pulling high rep sets with hook grip are needed or “hardcore” or anything, mixed grip just feels awkward since I’ve used to hook grip, so I have not seen any reason to learn the mixed grip for the high rep deads (which I don’t use that often).


*waves straps around in the air like I just don’t care




PS. I’ll probably need to say that if hook gripping higher reps is a problem one should not probably do it. It might be that I will get issues when my dead is 600+, but I’ll do whatever I need to do then (straps or something else).


Hook grip is my preferred grip but the only downside to it for me is that I don’t care to use it on a deadlift bar considering they’re more narrow. With a thicker bar the pressure feels more evenly distributed and therefore more comfortable. Also the deadlift bars in my gym have a pretty aggressive knurling which can be uncomfortable as well.


Deadlift bar being thinner a find makes my hook even more secure and if I find the “spot” to set my hook grip it’s comfy as


I my opinion, hook grip is a huge advantage for sumo. Not as much conventional. I also have block pulled 815 hook gripping the smooth. Thumb length has a lot to do with it


Maybe you have huge hands or something, I once pulled 8 reps hook grip with just under 400 (maybe it was 385-395, can’t remember exactly) and my thumbs turned purple and felt like they were going to explode. You sound like you could set a hook grip for reps world record.


Do you think touch and go would make it harder to hold on with hook grip? I always pull from a dead stop.


I was gonna ask this the other week but forgot: Are we talking fully on the smooth or partially. Might give it a try and see if it’s doing me good. I think my arms are pretty close to hanging straight down right now but maybe going closer a smidge will be helpful


Completely on the smooth. It keeps the thumbs from tearing and also gets a hair more flex to the bar. @guineapig tagged cause I think I just replied to the thread not your post


I’ve always just held where the knurling starts but it can’t hurt to try I guess. I don’t lift enough to get significant whip but if hook grip allows one to hold onto the smooth and lift a bit more why not

Any pro tips on hooking the smooth?


Not really. As long as you have a decently long thumb you should be good. My thumb is 3" and I can actually have a loose hook grip or grab more for a tighter grip depending how much weight it is.


I’m have the exact opposite opinion. Hook grip on a deadlift bar is SOOO much easier for me than on a regular bar. My hook grip was failing during my peak around 645lbs on a regular stiff bar, but hook gripped 678lb without any fear of dropping it on a DL bar.

I agree, but what are your reasons?
My main thoughts are: 1) Reduced “twisting” of the bar versus a mixed grip pull, which seems to be exaggerated for me when pulling sumo and 2) Slightly higher pull height, as my hook seems to hang slightly (possibly negligible) lower than when mixed gripping and more flex to the bar with your hands closer.

EDIT: I see your comment now regarding bar flex.


I doubt it. Here’s a Finnish guy doing 8x661lbs


I love how the gym is in an abandoned salt mine.


I only said that one but what you named off are the exact reasons. Plus recently, I don’t know if it’s been this way before I got hurt but my right arm doesn’t straighten fully so it really his my though and pushes that bar away.


These are the advantages I find pulling hook. I started years ago due to windmilling of the bar on the supinated side. I can pull more with a hook because of the better set up. I feel like it adds a good inch to my reach particularly if I push my shoulders down.