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Hook Grip Is Much Better Than Mixed Grip


I train with multiple pullers that pull 800-900+ and use conventional staggered grip.

Not saying the hook can’t work but it isn’t necessary


Neither is a belt, its more about optimal.


Where do you workout? Not meaning to pry, just must be a hell of a gym if you have that many strong pullers there.

Or maybe my gym just sucks and I have no reference. Who knows


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Hercules Gym, Hell barbell, iron asylum and Alpin haus



Pretty sure everything is covered now :smiley:


I think if your sole aim is to move as much weight as possible as safely as possible, hook grip is hands down the best grip. It’s much stronger than a regular double overhand grip, it’s way more balanced than a mixed grip, you don’t risk creating physiological imbalance over time, and you don’t risk tearing your bicep either. plus lifting big weights without straps makes your balls feel bigger. i don’t think the pain is really as bad as people say; it’s nowhere near as bad as the pain along the top of the palm from a regular double overhand squeezed hard. just take your time arranging your thumbs and fingers until you’re comfortable, before starting the lift. (trying not to crush the fatty parts of your thumbs against the rough part of the bar is a good start.)

Hook Grip: Pros and Cons

Not sure if it was covered here, but I can’t hook grip anything on a 2nd or 3rd rep - should I just do a full reset?


Has been covered.

EDIT HAHAHA: Personally I do my rep work with straps but lately I got burned by not doing enough work with my hook grip and my grip went to shit. So my new recommendation is to reset or divide up total workload into cluster sets of singles.

Example you have a 3*5 then do 15 total singles with as little rest (but as much chalk) between sets as possible. Check all adjustments with coach obv.


I know a guy who did a training cycle with Mike Zourdos, basically all the deadlifting was singles except once or twice he worked up to a 2rm. This guy used hook grip and never had issues before, despite getting stronger he dropped his 3rd attempt at the meet and failed to set a deadlift PR. Jim Wendler also said that singles-only deadlifting at Westside made his grip go to shit, although he wasn’t into hook grip.

My thoughts are that theoretically some people should be able to maintain grip strength with singles only, I have used only singles at times and never had a grip issue (although I have big hands and my deadlift is not great). However, for many people this is not the case and quite likely it could be solved by doing some grip work if you are determined not to pull for reps with hook grip. As far as I’m concerned, rep work with hook grip doesn’t really bother me unless it’s like 6+ reps, at that point I use straps.


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I’ve hook gripped deadlifts from heavy singles to 15+ rep sets. Zero problems so far.


How much do you deadlift? That sounds unusual.


i am actually changing my stance on only using Hook for very low rep sets. There are a lot of factors but in the end I think your Thumb Callouses will adjust but until they do you can do the rep sets until the callous gets loose then strap up. I also think that rep sets are the best way to train grip and infinitely less boring than the 2nd best which would be iso holds.

The Factors I can think of but not in any order:

% of 1RM
Absolute Weight
Length of time using Hook
Hook Grip Technique
Hand Dimensions
Dead Stop / Touch and GO
How hard you “Touch” and Go
Probably more but you get the idea

I have been meaning to do a follow up video but life and other projects etc…I mean and maybe Kabuki can make some originalish material so I dont need to.


Simple test would be like do it and if you can then all g lol. I tried that test and failed


I’m getting to 550lbs soon. I’m already standing in 535 which was a cake. I’m not very strong yet, so that might be why my thumbs still take all the BS I’m throwing at them.

Also - my fingers/palms are pretty big, so its easy to wrap them around the bar.


So you did 15s with like 300?


Don’t remember exactly right now. I think it was closer to 350.

PS. Just checked. I’ve done 17x350 and 14x370. Both were easy as the weight goes, but the hook grip is of course harder to keep up with the longer sets compared to the heavy short sets. And again, these aren’t anything remarkable. Bryce Krawczyk has done 855lbs with the hook grip. So there are really no limitations.