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Hook Grip Is Much Better Than Mixed Grip


Good point… And so here are some photos. When I pull with any force, where my middle finger crossed the thumb nail starts to pull in the direction of the finger (so perpendicular to the thumb) which causes a lot of pain on the nail, as if it could be pull out sideways.
Appreciate you help!


They way you are gripping the bar looks right, there could be some minor adjustments (literally millimeters) that will improve it but nothing that I can see here.

Now that I see the picture I realize that this isn’t quite the same issue that I had, I only had my index finger around my thumbs and it was like the thumbnail was being pulled in the directing that the thumb was pointing. In your case, the only thing I can suggest is squeezing the bar and your thumb together the whole time. That may or may not solve the problem, but I think that eventually your thumb will adapt and you wont et the feeling of the nail being pulled out any more. As I mentioned before, at one time I was actually putting liquid chalk on my thumbnails to increase friction and that never gave me any issues with pulling my nails out.

Another thing that could help is using a deadlift bar, if you don’t already and don’t intend to compete in the IPF. They are a few mm smaller and noticeably easier to grip.


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Thambs feel a little bruised today. Any pressure on the nail is slightly painful. Not bonthered by the pain as such but want to check whether this is normal or an indication Im doing something wrong?


Sometimes that happens and skip the next hook day and use straps. Should be good in 2-3 days or so



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On top of what Vince said, try to limit how much volume you actually do with hook grip and switch to straps before your thumbs are destroyed. Maybe start with warmups and 1-2 work sets for now and if you can handle that then gradually do more. You need to do enough with hook grip to maintain the ability to do it but going beyond that doesn’t seem to have any additional benefits, at least not in my experience.


I train with my hook grip almost at an embarrassingly low volume and have never had an issue with grip strength.

Later closer to the Meet I will add in a lot more doubles and singles but right now I am using Hook so little (only on warm ups) I am not even using chalk.


Me too, I’m doing some high rep/hypertrophy stuff right now. I do a 5 sec. hold on my last warmup rep plus some longer double overhand (as in no hook) holds with a smooth/thick/stiff bar at the end of my workout. I did the same thing before without the non-hook holds and it didn’t affect me at all.


I think you’re right, I was altering the grip slightly for some reps and some would feel noticeably better than others, but still fairly painful. Ill try giving it more squeeze this weekend when I deadlift again.
I do use a deadlift bar at my gym most of the time but don’t have one at home.


If you’re in the US or Canada you could get one from Rogue for a decent price. Of course it depends how serious you are about all this, but if you have a home gym then it only makes sense to get the appropriate equipment.


PART 4: (not sure I have had more fun making a video LOL…Wifey thought it was hilarious too)

PART 3: (didnt post earlier because meh)


Coming soon will be a PROS and CONS


If you can think of anything that needs to be in this video please let me know.

So far I have:

Chalk and that it relies heavily on friction (knurling)
Easing into hook with assistance work using it
Reiterating thumb position
Going slow and it doesnt require a lot of upkeep
The only time I have seen Hook Broken (I am sure it has before but this is the one I know)
Bad form means callous tears are inevitable

And that should be the end of the Series


I’m with you here. I actually grip the bar on heavy singles one week in three. The rest of the time I use velcro on metal hooks. It’s something like 5 reps every three weeks or so.

I’m been competing with a hook grip for about 7 years or so. Once I got to the point that I trusted it I didn’t worry about it.

As for thumb size, mine’s 2".


Wifey broke my heart today. I worked on this video for about 5 hours this morning and today at the gym she wanted to use mixed grip instead of straps. Soul Crushed.

LOL ok so this one might be douchey but it is what it is. I checked copyright laws and I am pretty sure I am on the up and up.



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I found that video very interesting


So did I. I sent him a PM on IG with a link to part 1 of my series :smiley:

Not holding my breath on a Thank You LOL