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Hook Grip Is Much Better Than Mixed Grip


hahaha yes


Would you say my thumbs are in too deep if im getting the knurling scratching my nail?Or is it normal?? I pulled 200kg for5 with no problem and did my 5X10 with 130kg before,


Now I see what you are talking about with the Olympic lifting style of hook grip, I didn’t get it at all before. It’s been a while since I watched that video with Mark Robb but I remember him saying that he tries to get as much of the ring finger as possible on his thumb. I tried that once and it felt like it could dislocate my thumbs plus it didn’t improve my grip at all.

I looked up Mike Hedlesky’s channel to find the videos he had there, looks like he deleted almost all his videos for some reason.


That seems very strange, you are basically twisting your thumb between the bar and your fingers. It sounds like something is wrong but maybe it works for you for whatever reason. Does it hurt a lot?


Doesnt hurt at all man, in the beggining it did but now its totally fine. Unless i cut my nails short before deadlifts then the nail cuts in the skin and it hurtssss.
I feel like my thumb begins flat and the twists when i pull out the slack.


I can’t picture this but like Chris said it does sound weird but if it doesnt hurt and the grip is locked that is most important.


Nice job botslayer.

Looking forward to converting to the Slayer-grip.


This was supposed to be the hand size video but my model (Wifey) joined the True Powerlifter club and pinched her Butt Nerve getting out of the chair to go to the gym so she didnt do any deads LOL


Appreciate the info, man. Trying out hook grip tomorrow. Preparing for the pain.

It’s also worth noting that your profile pic is you lifting with a mixed grip haha


My hands are too small according to the first 90 degree description. Ah well.


You mean to have the bar in your knuckles?

If that is the case you wont get as much advantage of the shortened ROM but you should still be able to do it and it will feel more secure. (Admittedly the looser grip feels insecure.)


Tried it today, the first time I tried it a couple months ago I was convinced I had to wrap my thumbs way around the bar but I tried it your way today and my first lift every time felt great and secure, plus the added bonus of the shortened ROM was great. Had no chalk and couldn’t hold onto 275 past 6 reps but it was a good venture into hook gripping and my thumbs don’t hurt too badly.


1 success story down, the rest to go!!!


My first deadlift session since reading this is tomorrow, so I’ll see how far through my ramp up I can get before I have to switch


That is actually the 605 deadlift that caused me to learn hook grip!!


@BOTSLAYER I tried your method today on deadlifts. The main issue I had was the way my 2 fingers gripped my thumb the friction was pulling sideways on my thumbnail (was pretty painful).
When you use the grip, is it supposed to be that the thumb is directly between the bar and fingers i.e. no sideways pressure?
Its kinda hard to explain what I mean but hopefully that makes sense.


Yes, there should be no sideways pressure. I had the same issue the first time I tried switching to hook grip, it felt like it was going to rip out my thumbnails. Try to reach over your nail to the other side of your thumb, with both index and middle fingers.


So are both fingers gripping the thumb somewhere below the nail but above the middle knuckle, or is your index finger below the middle knuckle?
I tried what you said last night on an empty bar but still couldn’t quite get it.


So managed to get the grip feeling right, looked the same as your picture, and fel more comfortable than previous attempts. It took me as far as my penultimate warmup set, 200 is where it let me down. Got the rep halfway before pain forced me to drop it. But as a first attempt it had promise so will keep practicing :+1:


A PICTURE is worth a Thousand Words :smiley:

(pictures of your hook grip will help us help you)

OK, the only thing about this grip is that the Upper Thumb segment should be perpendicular and the lower or 2nd thumb segment (the one with the nail) should be as parallel as it can get to the bar.

After that how many fingers fit where and how low in your knuckles you can hold the bar will depend on hand and finger dimensions.

Start with getting the thumb in that space then set up your fingers until it works for you.

One way to see where you should start your grip is to sink the bar deeper into your palm than it should be and see where the bar slips to. Not the most pain free option but it is AN option.

Both fingers should be on the last section of the thumb if they fit.

I think the sideways pressure can be caused by being lax with your grip as well as what Chris said.

The only time I have issues with this grip at all is if I completely forget to actually grab the bar and then I will get to a heavier weight and the bar will slip.

I have had issues with the sideways pressure but it was so long ago (and not every time) I dont remember why I personally had it.