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Hook Grip Help Please

Fuck mixed grip. I want to switch to deadlifting with a hook grip. How would I approach to start deadlifting with a hook grip? Pull my warmups with a hook grip and then mixed?

just go hook grip all the way through, your thumb will adapt, but its gonna be shitty for a couple weeks, when I first started doing it i did weighted hold with max deadlift weights for 10 to 15 seconds with hook grip and that helped

Just jump into it. When I did oly lifting I taped my thumbs the first few weeks until I got adjusted to it.

Make sure you chalk the back of the thumbs good. It help a lot

use chalk, otherwise it hurst like a mofo

you can tape your fingers

if it hurts too much on the heavy sets, just use it on your lighter ones until you adapt

Like everyone else said, just start doing it. Do other stuff with a hook grip too to get used to doing it. I’ve been using it successfully for 5 years I think. I think I pull more with a hook because I can push both shoulders down and forward lengthening my arms. Once I got to the point where I trusted the grip, I started using straps on higher rep sets to save my hands.

Thanks everyone, happy 4th

Just got do do all your dls with hook going into a meet, dont use straps at all!