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Hook Grip for the Snatch?


A friend of mine just started using the hook grip for the snatch and says that it feels much easier now. I haven't really tried it that way, but I figure I will today. I'm just wondering, how many of you use the hook grip? Do you notice a big difference?


I can't snatch without it at this point. In order for me to grab as wide as I need to I have to hook.


I can't snatch without a hook grip either, it really helps to keep the grip rock solid during the second pull.

I have also found without chalk snatching becomes really difficult, as the slightest bit of sweat affects my pull.

Sometimes even a thicker than average bar really affects my lifts too!

I am one fussy bastard.



I can relate! ahahaha

Seriously, I don't snatch without a hook grip...and chalk.

It will take some time to get your thumb used to it though. If it gets too sore, you can wrap a bandage around your thumb.


an extra-cakey layer of chalk on the inside of the thumb is helpful there also.


I tried using the hook grip today. I had trouble keeping the grip tight since I don't have any chalk and I have pretty small hands. Overall, it did seem like it will help though. Maybe I just need to get used to it.


For the snatch, I go "two in the pink, one in the stink". If that's the hook grip, then "yes". Also effective is fingering the snatch while tonguing the clit.

Dan "What were we talking about, again?" McVicker


This topic always comes around to this, but at least you had a different approach.