Hook Grip for High Rep DL

I am just wondering if hook grip is going to impact DL a lot, especially high rep DL since relatively high reps are found in 531 program. The reason I want to incorporate the hook grip is that I feel better on my set up for my sumo DL. I feel it is more natural and the lats are engaged more. when I do the mix grip, sometimes the bar is drifting away from me on the supinated hand.

But the problem with the hook grip is I can’t really do high reps for DL. It is so painful that I feel like my thumb is torn off. I am kinda stranded now. I want to use hook grip but I can’t use it for high reps.

IMO you’re missing out some on strengthening of your grip. What about regular grip on light sets, hook on heavy? or regular until your PR set then use hook grip? this will help get some more grip strength going and give your thumb less of a beating.
On your high rep sets what about regular until your grip goes then switch to hook?

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I was against straps for a long time until I found out they were permitted in my competition.

Been pulling exclusively with straps beyond 75% for several weeks now but have been compensating with grip work in other areas. Just pulled the highest double overhand pr ever this week (sans straps of course).

Maybe give it a shot?

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Personally I do not use mixed grip as it gives me quite a bad case of imbalance in my lats and all. I use straps whenever my double overhand fails. That being said, I do quite a decent bit of strongman on the side and nothing, nothing gives you a better grip than heavy(heavier than your deadlift) farmers. The only time I go mixed grip is when I’m prepping for a meet (2-3 weeks out) or when I forget to bring my straps.

Figure out how to use mixed. Yes, the bat wants to drift. Don’t let it. Putting the underhand a half inch or so further out can help.

Something that’s not been addressed here, but probably should be, is whether you intend to compete in powerlifting at all.

If you intend to compete, then obviously it would behoove you to get comfortable with either a mixed grip or a hook grip.

If you are not competing, but lifting for self-satisfaction and fun, then just use straps. Yeah, yeah, you won’t develop your grip as much. So? On the flip side, if your grip is the only thing holding you back from lifting a load that your back and legs might otherwise be able to handle, you’re arguably depriving yourself of further strength development. For some reason this is often glossed over.

Finally, I guess the last point is that there is a middle ground available, right? What would be wrong with using straps for high-rep sets in training (if the pain is the limiting factor), but occasionally doing singles with the hook grip to keep that locked in for competitions if you’re doing something where straps are not permitted?

I used the hook grip for high rep FSL work one cycle. I was kind of an ass, since I had not done it a lot and DID not thought that repping 315 with 15 times is not a good place to start. I can’t really say much about this experience. My thumbs were really sore and my right thumbnail went all black after this. It did not affected my strength, since the grip is not a limiting factor.

Now I use neutral grip for FSL to train my grip. But if you use hook grip with your all DL’s and are used to it, go for it. I’ll leave it for the cleans.

Thanks for all the inputs.

I do use a double under grip first, and then switch to hook grip

I am not against straps and I do not intend to compete or not in the near future. It is just self esteem that I thought I am cheating by using the straps. I know it is not a big deal. but if I do hook grip for a heavy set, it feels just awesome.

I guess I will try to get used to hook grip with calluses on my thumbs.

Good call. It’ll probably be worth it.