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Hood Chocolate Milk - Caffeine

I started drinking Hood chocolate milk and was having trouble sleeping. I have not knowingly taken caffine for a long time.

Technically it is called “Carb Countdown Chocolate Dairy Beverage”. I asked Hood about the caffine and got an e-mail from them.

“We appreciate your interest in our Carb Countdown Chocolate Dairy Beverage. There are 8.50 mgs. of caffeine per 8 oz. serving in this product.”

Well, if you are throwing-down on the entire half-gallon, that would be the caffeine equivalent of a small, medium brewed cup of coffee. Then again, you would probably absorb very little of that. You know, from all the vomitting.


12 oz. of Mt Dew has 37 mg. of caffeine according to them, other sources say it’s more like 55 mg.

7 oz. of brewed coffee has 80-135 mg. the same amount of drip coffee has 115-175 mg.

If the little bit in the dairy beverage is having that kind of effect you must be very sensitive indeed.