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Hood Carb Controlled Milk


So what is the final, T-Nation verdict on this product. the amount of protein you are getting by drinking this is unbelievable short of a protein shake. i wonder what kind of shoddy, low quality proteins they use, like 'bovine feed grade x', or is this a legitimate contender to share in my glass next to my scoop of Low-Carb Grow!

so overall, this stuff compared to milk. and this stuff (hood) based on quality, (esp. since its soooo damn cheap) Should I treat it like a half gallon of RTD?


I like the stuff, although I'm sure for some it is an acquired taste. It's not really meant to be a replacement for a protein shake, per se... just a substitute for something where you would normally use milk, but are carb conscious.

In terms of the proteins they use... well, it's milk.

Personally, I would use it with cereal or to go with a meal. If I was making a Grow! shake, I just use water.


Heard alot about this. Is it found in the neighborhood grocery or in a whole foods market?


Good stuff, I like it!


I think if you read through the site, you'll find it's highly recommended.


I love it for nighttime shakes when I don't want the sugar from regular milk. I think it tastes like ass by itself, but it's not bad with a little powder in there, especially the whole milk kind.


I believe it is "Countdown" not "Controlled"....it tastes alright, but I would rather drink skim if I had the chance.


The chocolate Hood milk is delicious and makes for a very thick and good low carb shake.


It's great


Is OK now was GOOD a few months back before they reformulated it and removed the added whey.


Shugart says it is good, and thus you must like it. You are a pathetic excuse for a mindless T-Nation drone.

Really though, it's good. However, at 3 times the cost of gasoline, it hardly fits a tight budget.*


*Please do not drink gasoline.


I didn't know that...well, it still tastes good



You're no fun. Tell Kellen Winslow I say hi.



So i've tried it, and the overall view here is it does not taste 'that good', although it does help make a good shake. I ask, why even bother with this product and just go with a scoop of grow and water? (or God help us, milk)

the feel i get from the product is that its even MORE processed than regular milk, and costs even MORE than the speciality organic milk. So there is no real upside, unless you crave a 'milk like drink' and are lactose intolerant and too hardcore to drink a Yoohoo, or what ever those 'milk-like' chocolaty drinks are...


Looooooooove it!

I use it to make Grow! "puddings." I may be among the few, but I am really not a fan of the traditional shake. I guess I would rather eat it than drink it.

I find the taste to be lightyears ahead of milk out of a plastic jug and just as good as anything else you would get at the standard grocers.

The only problem is that I sometimes have trouble finding it. For whatever reason, the shelves are not kept fully stocked with yummy creamy low carb goodness.

Anyone else run into this issue?


i like it. if i have it i usually drink a glass a day. i only get like 1-2 containers per month though

no dairy bloat -_~


Where i live gasoline is way too expensive to drink, which is where you live too.

Btw isn't there like 28,000 calories in a gallon of gas? Fatass...