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'Honk If I Need An Education'


Mother shames exam-flunking son by forcing him to wear humiliating sandwich board.

I can't say I disagree with this if you've done everything besides laying your hands on the kid.


I don't know how you could force a kid to do that without first beating the shit out of them.


I gotta say...thats pretty awesome.


I don't disagree with the premise, but I do not agree with the execution.

The kid hasn't just been racing through his studies for fifteen years and all of a sudden doesn't like school. For some reason, probably due to his parents taking out their failures on him, the kid does not want to participate. If he doesn't understand or value education as a tool for shoring up a better life for himself, then something has gone off the rails in his life and a public humiliation/shaming stunt is not going to fix it.

Too many people create what they fear, and these parents have done just that.


Not sure how I feel about this.

My mother raised 7 of us. I was the youngest. I would hear stories about how they each seen the rough side of the belt. She put the smack down on me a couple of times also. However all of these stories were when we were young. REAL young. I'm going to say nothing beyond the age of 9 at the most (one of my brothers was the hard headed one).

My point is I noticed after a certain age we got the point. There was no longer a need for the smack down. And I noticed later in life that my mother and Grandmother had a system that many police and law enforecement officers use. The system of 3:

1.The Statement (Stop)
2.The Warning (Stop or ____)
3.The Consequence (BAM)

AFTER #3 a couple of times I didn't have to go past 2 from the age of 7 on. Most of my brothers and sisters learned early and like I said only one brother needed a refresher of #3 at a later age. Not saying her way was the best way. I'm just saying by the time we reached this kids age (teenager) we knew better.

I'm not sure humilation will work for a teen.

Maybe this mothers technique will work, Maybe the teenager needed this to slap him back into reality that the world is not his friend and he needs to work hard to make it. I'm just not sure if this kind of Humiliation will slap him into reality or make him try to be harder ass to make up for being humilated in public.


There isn't enough information for me to make a solid decision either way.

Have the parents checked into the possibility that he may have a learning disability?
Did they just start caring about whether he graduates or not?
Is he running the streets earning his degree from the School of Hard Knocks?

I like the idea but the kid is probably going to have to mess up on his before he gets his act together.


I would have to agree with the other posts. If he hasnt learned by now, he probably wont. But like what soulja said, we dont know enough to make a honest statement. Hell, this could be just a joke.


It's amazing to me ho many people disagree the "system of 3". I've mentioned several times the Chicago radio guy who carried through on a "stop or" threat (son wanted more cheez-its and he said the son had had the bad food and now needed something healthy, kid kept repeating "i want cheez-its", guy said you say that one more time, I'm throwing out the box, kid said it, box got tossed) and he got bombarded with people telling him you never carry through on a threat to a child. I never heard why you shouldn't do that, but people were very adamant about it.

I totally agree with your "system of 3" and when I have kids, will definitely use it (it was used on me!). Parents need to be parents, in charge, not friends. Friends are for when your kids are adults.


seems like there was a lack of discipline through the "growing" years... its kinda hard to change habits in hs... although i think its a step in the right direction i think the execution was poor...

i dunno about the rest of u but i got beat when i was younger... up until about middle school... after that it was guilt trips and long lectures... all through hs and college i was always afraid of disappointment of my parents more then the belt... disappointing my parents became my biggest motivator from middle school onto till today... im not the brightest or the most creative but i keep my nose clean, graduated college, and hold a pretty good job... needless to say i guess it worked...


WOW, Really? I can't believe people are saying you should never follow thru with a kid.


If he has a good voice he could become popular for a couple of days.


Boggled my mind, too. I guess that is what you get with a society of limp wrists.


I'd be against it if it weren't such an ingenius idea.


Laaame! She copied from these guys...


Ah, apparently they had unsanctioned sexual relations.


That psychologist in the video makes me want to gouge my eyes out. Whether or not what she is saying is true, it just sounds so damn scripted and fake, as if she is regurgitating something she read in her college textbook.


It's hard to tell from the article. I've met some teens where they were good kids, hard working, but they just entered an annoying rebellious age. Sometimes reasoning doesn't work, you just have to make life difficult and keep their nose to the grindstone, and when the phase passes, they grow up and realize how their parents helped them.

And kudos to him for actually going through with the punishment. That demonstrates that either he respects his parents or they beat him within an inch of his life if he didn't do it.