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Honeymoon time!!!!

I’m lookin’ for some help here! I leave in two weeks for the big trip.
I’m 33 yrs of age and I’ve noticed the DRIVE is not what it used to be…I was thinkin’ about using Mag 10/Red Cat combo until I leave…I have some Viagra I was given by some younger buds at my wedding as a joke also…Any help would be great…(we have been together for 7 years now)…I just want her to remember this trip!!!

First of all, cut all sex and masturbation until then. No excuses or quickies. You`ll give your CNS, hormones and all the equipment to recharge, reload, and actually come back to more normal (pre-often-humping) levels. And, yep, libido will also rage back after a while. At least give yourself some time to catch up to back-then-celibate levels. Ehehe.

Viagra could help, I guess. If it`s good enough for young studly porn stars to help them go through their day, it must be good for almost anyone.

Just my 2 cents.

Start on Tribex immediately. Don’t do MAG-10 or any other steroid or pro-steroid - the effects vary from person to person and you may not respond well.

As for Viagra, hey, give it a shot. But at your age, I’d split the pill in half. No sense wasting it. :wink:


tribex or red-kat only. Maybe M.

Need help with my bump,bump!!!

Give her a Dirty Sanchez, she will never forget your wedding night. You may not be married much longer after that, but it will be an unforgettable night.

Just kidding about that.

You probably have some pre-wedding jitters. Hopefully once the wedding is finally over, you can relax and enjoy yourself. Relax, have fun, enjoy your time together, that is my advice.

LUMPY: That’s just plain disgusting! Makes one wonder how girls in films can do A2M or A2V without getting diseases, specially when you know how much bacteria / cubic inch you can find down there (very high density).


I think there is some slick editing and baby wipes involved in those circumstances.


Not in the movies I make LOL. J/K. Don’t take any prosteroids, start both tirbex and red-kat (if you only choose 1 make it red-kat) stay hydrated. If your’re gonna spank think about putting the mean NSPD down on your wife while you do it. And I agree don’t take a whole viagra, you’ll most likely get a wicked headache. Stay hydrated esp. with the plane trip and all. BTW this could be an opportune time to do a little RP. Just a suggestion. Happy Hummping dog :slight_smile:

REDSOL1: That’s the problem, some of them scenes are uncut. No camera changes. How do they do it? How can they stomach it?

Try Power Drive, Hot Rox, and some caffeine shortly before showtime. MD-6 works well if you still have some. Downside is if she is not interested that night it’s hard to go to sleep.