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Honeymoon: St Lucia. Who Has Been?


anyone been there before?

We're staying at the Sandals Grande St Lucian, which seemed to get some of the best reviews out of all the Sandals.

I can't wait to go scuba diving (never been before) and St. Lucia I hear is a great place for it.

anyone stayed at The Grande St Lucian?

or been to St Lucia?


I've been there on vacation (cruise), not much to do. I was at port for 8 hours, so It's not like I could do investigating or getting lost. I hear the scuba is great, snorkeling not so much. But a honeymoon is a lot different from a vacation. I would just chill at the sandals, drink, eat and relax. BTW Congrats, I hope you enjoy it.


I've been dieting down for it, wonder how much I'll gain back in a week of free food and drink, lol


Don't you need certs for scuba? Paging rrjc.


I think you need certs for snorkeling there as well. They made a HUGE deal about it when I got to port.


Been there but not since the 80s. Beautiful Island, great water.


BEST ISLAND EVER!!.....OP i remember you said something about going there on another thread and i told you i was from there.


Been there. 1997.


Find a hotel worker willing to escort you guys around the island. Don't take the lame bus tours. This way you get a private tour and they usually have a blunt ready to go for you as well for 1/4 the price. Our 60 dollar tip was a weeks Sandals wage for him, rather than pay 120 per person for a Sandals bus tour.

I also spend time buying questionable items from St. Vincent and Columbia on the beach from vendors who sold wood carvings as a front.....good stuff...ohh the ol' days!


No. You can do what's called "discover scuba." They'll take you to a pool, usually, and teach you how to clear some water from your mask, as well as recover a regulator and clear a regulator if it falls out of your mouth. (Still has never happened to me.) Then they can take you on a trip to go diving in the ocean.

I've never been to St. Lucia, but if a dive shop tells you you need to be certified to go diving, tell them to go fuck themselves and you'll take your business elsewhere to a place that offers PADI's discover scuba.

You will, however, be limited to the sites you can dive. You'll still have a good time, though.


Oh, another tip. Don't get smashed the night before you go diving. Also, hydrate a lot.


Sandals includes diving for free, but it's $70/person to take their class that allows you to dive up to 30 ft :shrug:

Angus, we'll be staying near the northern end, north of Castries, NW actually. Any good sights around there? How far are the 2 titons (sp) from that area?


You'll love Sandals, I have only been to two, Montego Bay and the Bahamas, but they have both been great.


yeah we were at the exact same resort. agree w/ above, do NOT go on a downtown tour, stay on the resort.
things like scuba lessons cost extra. you can hop to another sandals resort, we did that one day.
all the bartenders tried to sell me pot. but it was an amazing vacation, very much worth it.
make sure you have yoru passports!


yup, we got passports a few weeks ago