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Honeymoon ideas?


Yeah its a strange place to ask about it but I thought I would get lots of feedback.

Where did you go on your honeymoon? And got any good suggestions for me? I am going to be on a limited budget of about $2000 - 2500 because I got laid-off and I will be attending school again in the Fall.

We would really like to find some fun in the sun. Ideally, We'd like to hit the Carribean or Caucun or something memorable but with airfare I just don't know. Alternatively, we were thinking of driving to the Carolinas to save some $$$.

Oh...we were wanting to get away for about 7 days, if that helps.

Got any good ideas/suggestions?


I had just changed jobs two weeks before our wedding, so we did the N.O. thing. But that isn't really an option at this time. The next best thing is the Florida coast. We love the beaches there. Just as pretty as anywhere in the Carribean, but closer and cheaper. (I've been around the Carribean. Nice, but most places are very touristy)


There are a lot of decent, relatively cheap all-inclusive resorts in Mexico.


dominican republic is very cheap for all inclusive

?600 for 2 weeks includes all drinks and food etc.

best place i ever went was


faaantastic place but smaller than a football field


Try Travelzoo.com. They have some great deals on airfare and hotels.


That's doable for Mexico in the summer time.

Do an all inlusive trip that combines, hotel, meals and a chartered flight. Peak season I think would run more then $2500 but from May to Aug the prices drop down.

Cancun, Cozumel, might be in range. Also Puerto Rico in the summer will be a lot cheaper...but hot.


Keep in mind a lot of the mexican coast got rocked by a hurricane not too long ago. Should be recovering nicely by then but that might be something to think about.

Also I would probably just goto the Carolina's. My fiance and I are going to tennessee over our honeymoon.


august/september is hurricane season, so be careful, i was in 3 hurricanes in Cuba last year :frowning:


Thanks for all the feedback. Keep it coming. All of this is very useful as I'm kind of clueless as far as all of this goes.

Does any suggest going through a travel agent? Positives/negatives?


Hey legend, do you mind me asking how much your trip to summer island village cost? Excluding flights.


Yes. Shop around you will find prices as good or better then Expedia, Travelocity etc. plus you get personal service which is often very valuable.

Lot's of places are online as well and the agent deals with you over the phone rather then face to face but you still get your own agent and I like talking to one that his been to the place I am travelling to.


I can vouch for the North Carolina coast. Try something along the Outer Banks, such as Kill Devil Hills, Cape Hatteras or Nags Head.


Vegas Baby!