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Honeymoon Ideas

I’m getting married in August and I need ideas for a nice, relatively inexpensive honeymoon. We’d like to spend at least a week wherever it is we end up, and I have enough United miles to fly us anywhere in North/South America and Europe for free, so the cost of flying isn’t an issue.

Any suggestions?

I tried to talk my wife into going TO Pittsburgh for ours. I’m a life long fan, she said…fuck off, no way. Oh well I married her anyway. My suggestion is maybe San Francisco. My sister lived there for a couple of years and loved it. Surfing, snowboarding and everything in between. Very expensive though.

I’m getting married in October, and I’m strongly leaning toward Costa Rica. From what I understand, it isn’t ridiculously expensive (though that’s a relative term). If Costa Rica costs too much, you can consider neighboring Belize. Can do all the same stuff (scuba diving, beaches, jungle hikes, volcano touring, zip-line tours, etc.) but cheaper. The downside is that it gets a bit third world when you get outside of the touristy areas.

[quote]stuntmonkeys wrote:
If Costa Rica costs too much, you can consider neighboring Belize. [/quote]

I was going to rec Belize as well…I have done the Hamanasi Adventure and Dive Resort outside of Hopkins. It is pretty cool and all inclusive. I was there 7 days and had 4 day adventures (jungle walks, mayan ruin trips, scuba, etc.) the other couple days we just hung on the beach.

If you can fly to South America for free, then I recommend looking into Argentina. It’s beautiful, the weather is good, and you can find many cheap things.

Also, I you might want to watch SkyAuction auctions. You can find awesome vacation/honeymoon deals like this one:


Last year I won a Tokyo package that included roundtrip airfare for $600.

Punta Cana has some amazing deals in the summer time. Probably 60% off the high season. Don Anbar is a hotel we like. It is all inclusive.

Mexico that time of year is also a good bargain. El Dorado Royale is a hot spot for honeymoons in the Mayan Riviera. Azul Beach is also nice and a little more active. Both are all inclusive.

I think Paris or maybe the south of France would be nice. There is a presence about the city, can be expensive though.

Grace Bay in Turks & Caicos (Caribbean).

Still small, but growing. Barely crowded. Voted as one of the world’s best beaches by Conde Nast Traveler for the past 8 years. Look for online deals (Travelocity).

Very romantic.

How much are you looking to spend?

Sandals is/was having a huge sale.

I booked ours for this coming Sept/Oct, 1 week in St. Lucia with airfare for $4200 all-inclusive

they had Jamaican ones for like $2400-2700 with airfare

May I recommend a cabin on the island of Kauai (in Hawaii)? If you look into this, try looking at Kahili Mountain Park, or Kokee. I can’t imagine a cabin for a week there is too expensive, and it should give you the privacy you’d want on a honeymoon to do all those things honeymooners should be doing. Both Kahili and Kokee are kind of up in the mountains, but the beach is never more than 1/2-1 hour away, depending where your cabin ends up being.

This is what I’ve thought about doing on a honeymoon, just to get away from everything so me and my woman could focus on what we’re supposed to be doing on a honeymoon. (Kauai is also where I’m from so thats why I can be so specific.)