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There has been some discussion of honey as a post-workout supplement on this forum lately. However I doubt any of the proponents have really seen the research but rather have just read some article somewhere. In fact the data has yet to be published so unless you were at the meetings these abstracts were presented at, you certainly have not seen the data.

Now, I have nothing against honey but from what Ive seen, honey has a lower GI than the other carb sources studied and this WOULD NOT make it an ideal post workout carb source. The very fact that blood glucose did not drop after 2 hours tells us that the carbs from honey are slowly digested and absorbed and are therefore not taken up into muscle as rapidly as the other carb sources. Stability of blood glucose is not a goal of PW nutrition. You want the blood sugar to drop, indicating uptake into muscle.

However, as a pre-exercise carb source of endurance athletes, honey may be great (as long as it’s taken at the right time) due to the low GI.

During exercise, again, you want a rapid digestion/absorption so that the carb gets into the blood fast. Honey isnt gonna do this.

One last thing...Some proponents have claimed that no supplement company was involved in the funding but guess what..."This study is the second of a series of studies funded by the National Honey Board. Located in Longmont, CO, the National Honey Board is a non-profit organization that develops research and consumer information programs to increase the demand for honey."

Thanks for clearing that up John. Although since honey has a GI of about 60, wouldnt it be better to eat something that has an even lower GI rating?