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Honey With Green Tea

Is this OK? What’s GI on honey?

[quote]danmaftei wrote:
Is this OK? What’s GI on honey?[/quote]

Glucose - GI = 100
Maltose - GI = 105
Sucrose - (Table sugar) GI = 65
Lactose - (Milk sugar) GI = 46
Fructose - (Fruit sugar) GI = 23
Honey - GI = 58

source: http://www.talkaboutsupport.com/group/alt.support.diet/messages/541399.html

I don’t doubt other sources will provide other values, but the trend should be similar.

Strictly, you’re probably more interested in the INSULIN INDEX as opposed to the Glycemic index. Whilst the is a strong correlation between the two, there are one or two foods that have a low GI and high II (and vice versa).

Google GI or II for more information. As part of a balanced diet, honey in tea or anything else is fine.