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Honey, We're Killing the Kids!



Looks like someone cares.


Yup, looks interesting. I'll be watching.


We're onto the second series here (UK) the families are amazing, the CG pictures of the kids at 40yrs are cool and frighten the parents into action, usually.

I think most of the parents are ignorant of healthy lifestyle & diet and also love their kids but unfortunately, as a result, heap them with everything they want. (This used to be called spoiling them, when I was young - and that's exactly what it does!)



I still don't understand how a parent can ignore the fact that their kid has become a whale, especially if the reason is because they won't stop shoving cookies down their throats.


I'm sure some parents think it's cute how chubby their three year olds are. Parents eyes (especially the mothers) have a hard time seeing reality when it comes to their kids.


I saw previews for this show, and if simply showing them what their fat kid will look like at 30 or 40 is enough, what was preventing them from seeing this before? I don't understand what causes someone to become blind to what their kids are doing. It implies that the parent doesn't even consider the future or think ahead to how that kid will end up as an adult.


Yeah, but that would require... thinking?


People don't plan for the long term. Not with their health and not with their finances.

Our society is all about instant gratification and people have blinders on when it comes to the long term consequences of their actions.

Eat what you want and spend all of your money now. Don't worry about the future. You might be eating a diet of cat food if you live long enough to retire, but don't worry about it. That's too far in the future to comprehend!


Let's face it, a lot of parents are just too damned lazy to do what's best for their kids. It takes a lot more work to raise them right than it does to simply give them whatever they want so they'll quit complaining.


Probably because the parents are whales themselves and are too busy shoveling cookies down their own throats.

Parents set the example - most kids with horrible eating habits usually pick them up from their parents. It's up to the parents to set the example by not having that crap in the house in the first place.

I think another issue to keep in mind is the prevailing attitude toward "fat acceptance" and the general shirking of responsibility that is coming from Fat America these days - everything from "genetics" to "stress" to "evil corporations making me eat this stuff" that in essence reinforces the message to parents that it's OK for the kids to be a "little overweight" -

Many parents also seem to have the attitude that it's OK to let the kids enjoy their 'treats' - that it's OK if they're a little fat, it won't be too bad because they figure they can always lose the weight when they become adults. The reality of course, is that most people will never lose that weight - and voila - we now live in a nation of porkers.


but I applaud the concept of the show - at least they are red flagging the issue - I'm curious to see how they deal with it.


This was originally a BBC program, it's been out over here for well over a year, I just hope they make it a bit more interesting over their, because otherwise it wont be worth watching.


Because it's the parents fault. Mommy and Daddy are the ones who these kids to Mcdonalds where they will eat the crap right alongside them.

Usually when I see a fat person they come from a family where everyone is a chub. Eating habits are learned behaviour.

Parents should treat junk food with the same kind of seriousness they would treat alchohol, drugs or cigarettes. Just don't ever get them started is the answer. It's so much easier to stay away from the stuff if you have never developed a taste for it.