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Honey postworkout

I read on a website somewhere that honey was good for recovery or something like that. Now i like that idea cos honey is an important food in my religion hehehe but that aside, seriously, how would honey fair as a carb post workout?


Dark Assassin, honey will refill LIVER glycogen stores since it’s high in fructose. Liver glycogen is used to maintain stable blood sugar levels.

Fructose does not preferentially refill MUSCLE glycogen stores, and it does not enter the Krebs cycle. My personal goal PWO is to refill muscle glycogen stores.

Does that help?

ok thanks for that :slight_smile:

JB has written a good exclamation on this. Look at his site as you will find some great articles.

jmb did a thorough investigation of honey as a post workout carb in one of his appetite for construction articles i believe. from what i recall honey was in fact a very good post workout carb, not quite as good as dextrose or malto but much more effective than many others. from what i recall he said that honey will not give as rapid a rise in blood glucose as malto/dextrose but it wil give a more prolonged rise. therefore it would be an ideal pre and during workout carb source, to fight off catabolism. search the archives it is there somewhere.

I have to admit to having a bit of fructose prejudice. And since honey is made up of a combination of fructose and glucose, it’s almost a case of guilt by association. The web site below does a pretty good job of explaining my prejudice – er, make that “position.” www.naturalmuscle.net/nm0502/fructose_fat.pdf

Post workout the goal is to reduce cortisol levels. Spiking insulin facilitates that process. Honey doesn’t have a high GI and thus wouldn’t be my first choice. And since it doesn’t efficiently or preferentially refill muscle glycogen, I wouldn’t use honey for that task either.

P-Dog, I know you’ve done some research on the matter. Why do you like using honey?

Uh, P-dog, you sure about that…? I seem to remember him coming to exactly the opposite conclusion… :wink:

here is what jb had to say about the topic:

"However, it does appear that honey, with its low glycemic index (GI = 73) vs. that of dextrose (GI = 98), may win on the glycemic index front. The prolonged insulin release is probably due to its slow appearance into the blood (low GI) and this characteristic is certainly of benefit when ingested BEFORE the workout. This way, insulin won’t rise too high, which would lead blood sugar levels to crash and cause you to bonk. So, if you want to take in some carbohydrates before the workout, honey may be superior. "

he also said:

“Since all the current literature is clear on the fact that a protein plus carbohydrate beverage makes for the best post-workout option, the next step is to determine the optimal types of protein and carbohydrate. In this study it appears that honey and maltodextrin are good carbohydrate choices (when taken with protein) for a favorable hormonal profile after training. There were no differences between the honey and maltodextrin groups but they were both better than sucrose and water.”

he concluded with basically that malto and dextrose are better choices post workout, but honey is a good choice pre and during workout.

yeah i read it thanks

it seems like honey is ok pre workout but postworkout dextrose maltodextrins mix is superior ! :slight_smile:

Get surge and friggin drink after you train and shut up!

Gatorade and Bcaa’s or Surge are great during a and pre-workout as well.


If I have a choice between using honey and white sugar in my P-W shake, which should I use, and why?

Yeah, jackass, the only problem with Surge is that it’s way more expensive than making your own concoction. I will agree though that it’s probably way more effective.

Harkonnen, both honey and table sugar are made up of fructose and glucose. I don’t particularly like the fructose in either one. I prefer straight glucose and/or maltodextrin PWO. Fructose ends up being converted to triglyceride and stored as fat if liver glycogen is full.

But all that aside, what are your goals? Refill muscle glycogen stores? Reduce cortisol levels?

Fructose, you say? Time to go to the supermarket and buy a bag of glucose then…

I can’t find surge in the stores locally

i have tried Chemical Nutrition’s Pro recover and i love the fact that im able to train just as hard the next day

but i like the idea of gatorade and protein mixed cos it’s cheaper still :slight_smile:

Well what you CAN do is go to a local wine-making store and buy some maltodextrin. Then simply take your whey and mix in enough malto to get approximately 50g carb / 25g protein mixture. Usually maltodextrin is cheap, the regular price is about $5 canadian for a kilo.

interesting, i work at a factory where i can get dextrose on tap if i want lol so no probs about cost.

it’s just that pro recover has adaptogens and stuff to help the recovery process