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Honey Post Workout?

Hey guys i am four weeks from competing and i am cycling the low amount of carbs i am eating and was wondering your thoughts on honey immediately post workout as i work out from 5-7pm and do not have other carbs with my evening meals. Only a small amount of pure honey thoughts suggestions?

Just like any other simple sugar.

Here’s what Bill Roberts just wrote on this topic in another thread.

Honey is slightly more than half fructose, which is much too much for a post-workout drink as muscle cannot utilize fructose.

Really? And fructose is better if not only good at restoring liver glycogen (rather than muscle glycogen), right?

I don’t know (simple lack of knowledge) if it’s better for replenishing liver glycogen – certainly glucose can as well – but it is able to do the job and for that reason an amount of fructose sufficient but not excessive for that job is fine.