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Honey Moon In Europe


What supplements do you guys reccomend for someone who wants to maintain muscle mass and leaness while trying to eat well and exercise sporatically while overseas?
I was thinking Carbolin 19 or HOT-ROX can't decide
Right now I'm 205lbs@5.5%


It's your honey moon, fuckit.

Have lots of sex for NEPA and you'll be fine.

Eat nutrionally and you'll be fine, suppliments are just that, suppliments, you don't need them.


Seriously. For having gotten to 205 #5.5 bf percentage, i'd imagine you know what youre doing


I'm thinking you should get on something like caffeine or yohimbine, or whatever will keep you going while: on vacation, performing in bed, and eating more than you normally would. Carbolin 19 and HOT-ROX boost up the thyroid, apparantly. But it sounds like you would do better with CNS stimulation and vasodilation.


Whenever I travel to Holland, I take with me: Liver tabs, creatine, glutamine, animal pak and thats it. Try to leave the powders in their labelled containers, trust me, you dont want that hassle at the airport.
I can get some kinda ibuprofin and protein there.


Alpha Male, and have lots of sex like a previous poster said. Just make sure about customs allowing that shit over.