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Honey Moon, advice needed!

Hey Guys, I need your help here! I’m preparing for my first bodybuilding competition this August 14th. I’m also getting married June 9th and we are going on a 12 day honeymoon (can’t wait!!).

I know that it’s gonna be a 2 steps back thing as far as my conditioning goes but I was curious about using Biotest T2, OOPS! by Champion Nutrition and maybe some carb blockers. Has anyone used these things or are they crap. I don’t want to use any caff/eph. fat burners until 4-5 weeks out from the competition.

I’m on a very high protein (2g/lb), moderate fat, low carb diet right now, and will switch to a high carb, moderate protein, low fat diet plan for the honeymoon (with quite a few cheat meals I’m sure!).


You have plenty of time to recover from your honeymoon for the show. I doubt that you will do much damage in 12 days unless you go hog wild which I am sure you won’t. As far as supplements, take aloong some Tribex, you will need it. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip bro!