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Honey and Royal Jelly


Hey i was just wondering has there been strong evidence to point that honey has nutrional benefits for athletes. also what is royal jelly, i've heard people say that its good for you is this true.


Yes, it helps restore glycogen after exersize better than half anything, helps with allergies, contains antioxidents, and you can usually find it pretty damn cheap if you look around for it. Royal Jelly is the substance bees make to feed the queen bee (hence the name royal jelly.) It's good for you, but it's generally overpriced, royal jelly is to honey what colostrum is to milk. Better? Yes. Worth it? No.


Royal Jelly is great! Made from the queen bee! AND, guess what!? Between fight scenes, Bruce Lee would take a little jar out when he needed some extra energy & take some.

I take it before workouts & whenever I need a pickmeup. Good stuff!


Royal Jelly is great!!!

Royal Jelly has been used for years for the following:

Anti-Aging Agent
Hormonal Stimulant
Energy Enhancer
Natural Antidepressant
Cholesterol Control
Among many others

Therapeutic Actions of Royal Jelly

Helps to keep skin smooth, toned and elastic
Promotes sexual vitality and rejuvenation
Facilitates fertility and can reverse impotence
Stimulates the immune system to fight viral and bacterial infection
Regulates and balances hormones
Has a bacteriocidal action on bacteria like staph
Stimulates growth
Lowers blood lipids and cholesterol
Helps to regenerate bone growth
Builds tissue and muscles
Supports wound healing
Is hepato-protective (liver)
Increases vigor and physical strength
Provides extra physiological support during menopause
Helps to alleviate the pain of arthritis
Stimulates better memory and mental function
Has an anti-depressive anti-anxiety effect
Can help to regulate weight
Rejuvenates the aged, sick, or weak

I drink honey and royal jelly before going to the gym.I can tell you that it really helps me hit the gym hard.
I truly believe the live enzymes in honey and royal jelly sure are unique and should be studied more.


It should be noted that among chinese herbalists, (who generally really know their shit) Royal jelly is primarily considered to be a woman's tonic.


Think of honey as "enhanced sugar". It has all kinds of nifty things besides pure carbs. Replace sugar with honey whenever possible.

I took royal jelly and it does have a good effect on vitality and well-being, but not in the way you would expect. It doesn't seem to increase strength, which, for a male, is a prime sign of better functioning of the body. I suspect the "woman's tonic" theory might be correct.


I remember reading on here a while back, I believe, that honey is best pre-workout instead of post workout, something about how long it lasts in the system even though it being a sugar.


Are we talking about the regular honey sold in the squeeze bear containers or raw, unfiltered honey? From what I've read they are very different. Regular honey is very processed and is missing a lot of the health benefits you get from the raw stuff like the bee pollen which sits on top. Raw honey costs a bit more and may be kind of hard to find. I've only been able to find one brand in my area. It also looks funny and smells a little weird. It tastes vey good though. Kind of looks like bacon grease. You don't pour it becuase its too thick. Rather it spreads like butter. I think a 1 lb jar costs about $5. I love this stuff


To call that "regular honey" is an insult to honey. That's crap, not honey. Better spend your money on sugar, it's cheaper and has the same "health benefits" (or lack thereof).

When I was a kid, my parents had a bunch of beehives. I wasn't even aware that there's any kind of honey other than "raw" - it's not "raw", it's true honey.

Damn, my mouth is watering just thinking of it...


Yes.Raw honey is the real deal:full of living enzymes.I'd stay away from the refined stuff.