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Honesty and Healthy Eating

I do think that that’s a point some people might miss. They see “oh, I’m bulking, so I follow my plan and have a cheat meal every third evening which is a large pizza”. So, ecto newbies think that bulking without the large pizza is somehow better without realizing that the supposed ‘cheat’ is actually worked into the plan and is there for a reason.

Then they wonder why they’re not getting the gains the other guys are getting when they’re being ‘stricter’ with their plan. For some it takes a bit of wrapping your head around, but if it’s a weekly ‘cheat’ that you schedule in and it has a purpose, it’s not really a cheat at all - it’s just eating less clean than the rest of your planned meals.

I have almost completely fallen off the wagon in the last 2 months. I very rarely indulge in junk food(candy…etc.) but I have sacrificed quality for quantity and affordability when it comes to most of my meals. In the last week I have missed breakfast a few times, and all around my formerly well structured diet has fallen into disrepair.

I know what I need to do to fix this, and will get to work on it as soon as some life obligations calm down. In the meanwhile, despite having a sub-par diet that relies on burgers, burritos and protein shakes. I’m making some of my best progress in the gym ever.

I normally stay on my diet at about 98% of the time no matter who Im with…However since Jan 3rd I went on the Velocity Diet and I have been 100% on it for almost 6 weeks now, (im in the transition where i can eat once a day right now) I have had insane fat loss and great strength gains. I have lost just about 30lbs in 6weeks. And I have gained some strength at the same time.

When not on this diet I have a shake to start my day and I prep my days food in the morning weigh it all out (Its the same every day so I dont need to count calories macros etc) I eat my 4 preped means for the day and finish it off with another shake…If I do anything bad I have a glass of redwine about every other week…just not while on the V-diet.