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Honestly, Possible?


I've been working on my diet, per JB's S2B system. And today I started Phase II of Bodybuilding's Next Frontier.


In one and a half months, since Feb 12, I have gained 18 pounds, going from 185 to 203.5 this evening. HOW? I've improved my diet and upped my intake. Maybe 4250 on an ideal day, 3500 or 3000 on an average one.

Is this the T-Nation magic? I mean, I've gained a little fat, and prolly a bit of water, but that's AWESOME.


Holy fucking shit. That is one good gain you got there. I would be careful though as you might eventually notice that you're putting on more fat than mass.


Perhaps it's newbie gains (?) I'm not sure, but good job. I'm following S2B right now, I'm in the first week of phase four and I love and hate it at the same time. What are your stats? Just curious.
Il Don


Welcome to newbie gains.....prepare for a MAJOR taper from that. Taking creatine? 1/2 that is probably water.