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Honest Workout

Age: 16
Born : Dec.25,92
Years Working out : 2
Height: 5’8
Weight: 146 (and rising goal 2 pounds per week been hitting goal so far with help of TNATION)

Lifting Stats:
Flat Barbell Bench 1rpm - 205
Standing Military Press 1rpm - 125
Squat - 225 parallel
Deadlift- 310

Alright I’m Starting a Training log to track my training and lifts and hopefully get advice on how to continue on my goals.

goals- get bigger and switch up from my old rountine bust through plateu recommend this workout by BB at my local gym. Get results then move into a strength building program like Texas program but ill look into that when time comes.

Basically I’m Training for size usually trian with bodypart spilt normal BB plan changing exercises every three weeks

I ’ ll start with my routine on monday sept.7

Monday- Chest, Biceps, Forearms
Wednesday- Shoulders, Triceps, Back
Friday (or sat)- Back, Abs
Saturday (or sun)- Quads, Ham, Calfs