Honest Workout Critique?

Sups. Just wanted some insight on my lift routine. Im currently 261 at 5’9. Im cutting at around 2100cals with about 220g of protein. I take green mag as well. My current routin is as follows:

1.Chest; dumbbell press,incline press,and flat bench flys. Total sets=15
2. Tris; rope pulldown and skullcrushers. Total sets=10
3. Shoulders; dumbbell lateral raises, seated shoulder press, and shrugs. Total sets=15


  1. Back; lat pulldown, seated cable rows, bentover bilateral raises. Total sets=15
  2. Biceps; dumbbell curls and hammer curls. Total sets=10

Saturday=Legs; dumbbell lunges and bulgarian split squats/

How effective is this routine? Any areas I need to improve. Thanks! Pic attached

Your routine is fine. Your calories are far too low.

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How far should I cut back? I believe my TDEE had me at 2400-2500 cals for cutting. I feel fine st around 2100 though.

The rule of thumb for a young adult male (which you appear to be) who is moderately active (which, per your posted routine, you are) is that maintenance calorie requirements are about 14-16 cals/lb/d. At a BW of 260#, this would put your maintenance needs at 3600-4200. If you were to diet at 12 cals/lb/d, you would consume ~3100 cals/d–a thousand more than you are.

This suggests to me that either you’re consuming significantly more cals than you think (are you weighing and measuring everything, or are you ‘guesstimating’ your intake?), or that you haven’t been at 2100 cals for very long.

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Ive been at 2100cals for a week so far.

Bingo. At some point your weight loss is going to stall, at which point you’re going to…do what? Drop to 1600? Add an hour of cardio a day? Ugh.

Much better to keep cals as high as you can, ie, and still lose weight. As your weight drops (which lowers your BMR), and your metabolism slows (ditto), you can reduce cals accordingly to keep the weight loss going.


I think you can lose the weight in the cut, but a bro split isnt the best way to train in my opinion. I like the train full body twice a week with a intensity day on Tuesday and a volume day on Saturday. I also like to do leg workouts between tuse and sat. I think you will benefit from training in this way. The intensity day will have heavy singles, doubles, or triples. The volume day is meant to have high reps and low rest. I think your protein is perfect and for a cut your calories are fine (I think). I really believe that you will do much better on a full body program.

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Ill try to go up to 2500 cals. I find when Im not eating fast food I get full faster

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Good thing it’s your opinion and not the truth.

Yeah, a 261 pound guy doesn’t need to be on 2100 cals a day. I’m cutting at 2500 and I’m 220. @Eyedentist is right, there’s nowhere for him to adjust once his body adapts to that ridiculously low intake, and after he’s lost all that weight and begins eating normally again he’ll skyrocket right back to where he was, like all crash-dieters. Maybe sit this one out, man.


I think you can add in bigger weights for legs like squats. Maybe two leg days - one for squat and one for deadlift (either trap bar or RDL if you dont like barbell deadlifts)

Now that im at 2600cals my carbs are at 260. Too high?

Alright so if I were you - assuming you haven’t been on super low calories for a long time - I’d start at 3000 calories, keep carbs high, and don’t do cardio yet - 300g could work. The reason for this is you want to START at the point where you’re just barely losing weight, and every time your body adapts to the lower caloric intake you can drop 3-500 calories. If you start too low, your body adapts and you have nowhere to go. Once you’re hitting the low end of the 2000s or even below - you can start adjusting macros, like dropping carbs, and add cardio. Weight loss and dieting needs to be long-term and sustainable. Give yourself options along the way to deal with the inevitable stalling of fat loss, don’t throw up the Hail Mary on the first play, ya know?


yeah bro split not great for your goals, a template off this site like ones below will lean you out much faster…

yes. yes, yes, yes. couldn’t agree more. You HAVE to have another gear to switch to when weight loss stalls, which it inevitably will. A lot of people think they’ll get faster, better results by dieting more drastically, when in fact, you’ll just fuck your metabolism that way.

I take the same approach with carbs. I want to keep them as high as I possibly can while still losing weight, and lower them slowly over time. THAT’s the way to make consistent, significant process.

You need to understand that your body is adaptive, and you need to use that to your advantage. My body is so well adapted to carbs that I can eat 700+ every day, and not gain any fat, at 200 lbs bodyweight.

EDIT: totally forgot to address the workouts. You were vague in your description, but I’m kind of ok with that. A bro split is absolutely fine if all you care about is your appearance. I am not a believer in altering your workouts to suit fat-loss goals. Diet is how you alter bodyweight, not any particular training program. If full body training was the key to getting super lean, bodybuilders would do it. And they don’t.


Cut carbs to 10-15% of consumption. I would ditch some exercises as well like flys. Exercises like farmers carry (walk 500m to 1km using moderate weights) and inverted rows will help you lose weight and build strength.

For energy eat more spinach and almonds.

Yeah, or fuck what @Eyedentist @flipcollar and I said - go low carb, drop flys, add farmers carries and inverted rows, and eat more spinach and almonds. The time-tested formula for weight loss.


inverted rows for weight loss. That’s a new one. Hilarious.


Idk why this line made that post so much funnier to me. Excellent.


I think this point has to be made every few weeks or so.



Also, this.