Honest Question on Immigration

Do you think that immigrants both legal and illegal are taking jobs from Americans do you think that there’s enough jobs for everyone in the USA

Hi Raj.

Without immigration the US would have a rapidly aging population and zero chance of real economic growth. Take a gander over at Japan and let me know if that’s the economy you want. The difficujty is in the details of how we manage immigration, not whether we should allow it at all.


I agree but what I’m saying is are we letting in too many a year the usa lets in 1 million a year

The situation in countries in Africa is that they have something like 1 job available for 10 people. 1 job has to support 10 people. They don’t stop breeding because they can’t afford children, they make childrens as an affirmation of life.

The more people that come from any country like that to north america, the harder it’s going to be for people that are already here.

They won’t settle for what you don’t want to do, they will go to university too. They will be in direct concurrence to whoever gets a salary from an employer in the USA. They are and they will steal your job, plain and simple.

Only if you’re bad at your job to the extent you can be replaced by said immigrant. Discouraging America from developing the highest quality workforce possible.

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Or if the guy is 50% as good as you but will take 25% of your salary

With that kind of thinking you are probably not the cream of the crop yourself, hope an african smarter than you (because they exist) comes and takes your job and leaves you in nothingness with no one caring around you.

If he can outpace me, he earned it. Enjoy your part time position at the local car wash!

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This sums up my thoughts.

Have good skills and you won’t have to worry about low skilled labor.

Good quote:

What kind of chicken shit pussy is afraid of competition? Can’t get a job because you lost out to an immigrant? Well TOUGH SHIT. Nobody wants to pay you for your half-assed work if someone else can do it better. That’s what America is all about.


Or if he’s willing to settle for less.

For the other guy, there is also a lot of “skilled” immigration. It’s actually mainly that kind of immigration that countries are letting in legally in too big number.

Enjoy your son or daughter going 6 years to university and not finding anything after because you don’t own a successful business already.

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Encouraging the best and brightest from other countries to come here has proven to be a net positive for our society. A lot of our top cancer researchers are immigrants. And take a look at all the massive companies founded by recent immigrants who employ tons of people.

I only have a daughter right now and I will explain to her that she is going to have to compete for jobs. Just like everyone else before her


Immigrants had the get up and go to get up and come here; that alone shows they understand what makes America great. They often believe in the American dream more than people who are born here. And when jobs are scarce, immigration drops, too, with a bit of a time lag.

And of course there is the only somewhat separate question of job pay. I recently read that millions of dollars in produce wasn’t harvested in the last year because immigrants didn’t come and whites wouldn’t work the fields for the wages offered.

Bunch of pre-made ideas and dogmas that don’t fit reality here.

Soon other dumber ones will take the place of those and american exceptionnalism, like the virgins after you blow yourself and mohammed and its winged horse, etc.

You seem angry

I did enjoy how he tried to set the stage by starting an “I can’t find a job” thread first, then executing a wonderful pivot to “Soooo guys, how bout them immigrants taking jobs from 'Muricans…I mean, shouldn’t we have an honest discussion about immigration, eh?”


Does the current productivity of the US actually support our standard of living or are we sucking the marrow out of a decaying infrastructure, both physical and hegemonic?

If the first, then adding more people that are at least as productive as the average American won’t have a large detrimental effect, although we still have to allow for the fact that integration takes time and resources. If the second, then adding more suckers will just bring about the inevitable downfall faster.

I figured Raj would make some gimmick accounts.

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