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Honest Opinions Please


Hey guys I haven't posted on this board in a looong time...anyways I'm a bodybuilder for life regardless if I ever compete or not. I really wanted to enter a competition this summer or within the next year. I'm all natural never took anything (that's pretty obvious from the pics) but I want to know if you guys think I have enough size to realistically look good on stage or if I'll look like a (gulp) distance runner in a pair of posing trunks lol. I need honest criticism.

I'll post leg shots soon (legs are decently thick I def need more size/muscle though). I really don't want that Abercrombie look and I'm afraid thats what I have even though I put up ok weights. I can bench 225 for 12, bent over row 195 for 12, DB shoulder press 75 for 10 reps, squat 300 for 6 (just started doing barbell squats again)....obviously bodybuilding is about a lot more than what weight I can put up so let the comments rip and tell me if I'm not realistic about a contest anytime soon. I'm 5'7" 170lbs. Lighting isn't the best but hey it is what it is.


next pic


next pic


last pic


You're not a bodybuilder until you compete. You're just a guy that lifts weights. Just like people that train in MMA aren't MMA fighters unless they've actually fought.

That being said, you have good width for your size, though you obviously need more size overall. Need to get all the required pics.


Good point! I had a hard time uploading pics for some reason so I'll get the legs up there tonight after work. BTW I'm 26 and I train full body 3 times a week....I strive to eat over 3000 calories a day with higher carbs, medium protein, lower fat.


What are your goals?


I honestly would like to compete in a competition whenever I have my physique where it needs to be to ensure I'll be competitive.


Get a pic of your legs up asap, also a pick of front double bi's pose + front&back lat spread. Cant really expect much advice with the few poor quality pics you have up at the moment. GL any ways


Back is looking real solid.

Hard to tell from the pics but maybe upper chest and arms need to come up.

Nice job


LEGS are half of your physique otherwise you have an incomplete body.


Hey guys I'm getting home late from work but I'm gonna take those shots of my legs and get them posted ASAP just to let you know.


We'll believe it when we see it...

Upper body looks decent though...you look a lot bigger than 170...thus I'm not expecting much in the way of legs...


Well here is a shot of my legs before my workout tonight..


From what I could tell, looks good but I would work on your trapezius muscles. It looks apparent that you don't train them at all. If you are, you're not isolating them.


You have to isolate your traps to hit them?

OP you have a good base but to compete you're going to need a whole lot more size.


From what I can see of the photos you look like you have some good size. I think you could do well as a novice in natural bodybuilding comp. The most important thing in competing is to just do it, learn from the experience, and then work to improve. You're never going to reach a point where you are completely satisfied, so just go for it!


I agree that you need to have more pics up. It's hard to determine with what little you have. Lat spread, double back bi, and a side leg shot would help. With what I see though you have a decent start. I would definitely add more size to your body though. You have to think that when you cut down for the competition you will be dropping a lot of fat and you would be smaller than you are now. Keep up the good work though and put on some more size.


Traps and shoulder width.