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Honest Opinions of My Numbers for Meet


I just want an honest opinion of my numbers. I've been training for a powerlifting meet for about 3 weeks now, and I think I have a natural talent for this and want an experienced lifters opinion. For 3 weeks I've been lifting heavy preparing for this last minute decision to compete. My weight is 165.

Bench:285 (pause rep)

I plan to get a little over these numbers at my meet. Are these good numbers, could I possibly get sponsored with these numbers and get serious about powerlifting?


This is the Ohio state RPS records for 165 raw ( no wraps )

584.22lbs Arkadiy Salokha 03/03/2013
374.79lbs Arkadiy Salokha 03/03/2013
617.29lbs Arkadiy Salokha 03/03/2013
1576.31lbs Arkadiy Salokha 03/03/2013

My buddy recently in wraps did 550, 310, 560 at 165. You’ve only been focusing on powerlifting for 3 weeks, keep working at it and you just might do something super impressive.

You could get some type of a sponsorship maybe, but they don’t really pay the bills. Powerlift because you enjoy it and to be the best you can be.


Your numbers are good considering your bodyweight and the fact that you are training for your first meet, but they are not incredible by any means. Don’t expect to get sponsored any time soon, but don’t let that discourage you from competing either. It sounds like you have potential to go far in this sport.

Just for reference, I know a guy the same size as you who squatted something like 450 and deadlifted 560 (I forget the exact numbers) in a 100% raw meet, he has the junior WR for deadlift in the 74kg class. He isn’t sponsored. It’s not that easy to either make money or get sponsorships in powerlifting.