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what would yourl rate me


front pose


You need serious size, while you've done a great job on getting lean, your head is way too big for your body.

Lower back looks very odd compared to the rest of your back.


A lot more stats are needed.
How old are you?
What are your lifts?

Anyway, you're a tad to brown methinks.


lol asshole, he's Indian!


You photoshopped someone else's head in place of yours because you didn't want people to see your face, right?


wtf is with that second picture....those eyes...eating my soul....


haha fuck me too brown hahahaha.


fuck me, hahaha, thats bronzer u iddiot. hahaha and thats his real head!! hahahaha


I first saw this and said, "hey its that one dood" Then I read JF's post and laughed at his brutal honesty. The I just LOL'ed all the way. I still am reading Dixies post ROFLMFAO!!!





how old?


I really don't mean to be an asshole - serious question. Why do things like age or lifts matter in judging someone's physique?


Don't worry about people being dicks dude. Truth is, you're kinda small but really well developed. Good job on competing, which most of us have never had the balls to do. Put on a little more size and you'll be awesome.


im gonna be the dick that i am and call this out...His name is "the next arnold"

strikes match


Oh man I'm crying right now rofl, fuckin hilarious.


I dont feel anything anymore...

on a side note, good development, more mass will make it even more impressive


Well, to be honest it's just a point of reference. If he was 19 vs. 24 the advice and critique would be a little different. Also, your lifts can speak worlds about what body parts are actually lagging. If he could bench 300, and only squat 200, that would be a lot more telling than a photograph.


His face just didn't seem to match his body in terms of color, thought it didn't look very natural or aesthetic.


Oh man I just came to thread for a good laugh rofl that was golden.