Honest_lifter's Push for 315!

Ok, I put together a schedule that should take me to 315 in the next 11 weeks. Those of you that have done 1RM rep training before (I personally am new to it) please let me know what you think about my follow rep and weight scheme. I want to work into the singles so that I don�??t tax the body too much, but I took a guess at set reps for the different weeks. (this list doesn�??t include warm ups, which will include 5x135 and 5x225 and, when I hit 280lbs, will also include 3x245)

Week 1 2x5x265lbs
Week 2 3x3x270
Week 3 4x2x275
Week 4 3x2x280
Week 5 4x1x285
Week 6 4x1x290
Week 7 4x1x295
Week 8 4x1x300
Week 9 4x1x305
Week 10 4x1x310
Week 11 4x1x315

I think that you could pull 315 in a few weeks if you can do 5’s with 265. But people have different builds. Try to do some rackpulls to get the feel of the weight, that helped me with the mental aspect of lifting 315.

I pulled 319 in a competition but I don’t know if I could pull 5 reps at 265. So I think you have more strenght in you than you think. Good luck with training and getting that weight up.

Upper Body Workout Wednesday May 14th, 2007

137.5 x 5
137.5 x 5 (up 2.5)

145 x 4 ½
145 x 3 (up 2.5)

BW+3.75 x 5
BW+3.75 x 5 (up 1.25)

BW+55 x 5
BW+55 x 5 (up 2.5)

Ab Roll
38.75 x 10
38.75 x 10 (up 1.25)

Arm Curl
30.75 x 5
30.75 x 5 (up 5/8lb)

3.75 x 11
3.75 x 11 (up None)

I feel real strong on the dips and the chins, but NOT AT ALL strong on the rows (i use a supinated grip). The bench is kinda one of those exercises that I am doing just to go up in weight but i don’t feel good one way or the other.

I am going to buy an EZ arm curl bar and a attachment to do parallel rows, because i don’t like the feel of the supinated grip.

What grip for you guys is the most comfortable and productive. Pronated? Supinated? or Parallel?

Diet for Wednesday May 14th, 2008

6 raw eggs
2 tablespoons Raw Honey
1 tablespoon Bee Pollen

3 Scoops Metabolic Drive
2 scoops Superfood

Meat Sandwich w/ Turkey, mayo, flax bread.

20 Grams BCAA

Post Workout
3 Scoops Surge Recovery
10 Grams BCAA

7oz Salmon
1/2 Cup Broccoli
3 Caps Flameout

Forgot to mention Cardio after workout:
2:30 jog with 30 sec sprint x 4

Cardio definitely improving!

Bought an EZ Curl Bar and a Parallel Grip Lat Cable Attachment. I will see how those work with next weeks upper body workout.

Diet for May 15th, 2008

6 raw eggs
3 tblspon raw honey
1 tblspn bee pollen

3 Scoops Metabolic Drive Complete
2 Scoops Superfood
1 1/2 tblspn Coconut Oil

6oz Turkey on Flax seed Bread w/ Raw Cheese


7oz Ground Beef
2 Cup broccolli

3 Scoops Metabolic Drive Complete
1 Tblspn Hemp Seed Oil
3 Flameout Caps

Quick Question: I do really well (and feel very comfortable doing) dips. I was wondering if this would be a safe exercise to experiment with doing low reps? Any thoughts???

Diet for May 16th, 2008

First thing in the morning

6 raw eggs
2 tblspn Raw Honey
1 tblspn Bee Pollen

3 Scoops Metabolic Drive
2 Tblepsn Flax Seed
2 Scoop Superfood
10 grams Glutamine

6oz meat sandwich
2 pieces flax bread
1 tblspn Mayo
Multivitamin (4 caps)

7oz ground beef
1 1/2 cup broccolli
1/2 can pumkin

3 Scoops Metabolic Drive Complete

Before Bed
3 Caps Fish Oil

Some meals had 3 HCL w/ Pepsin, some only had 2. Seems like they are started to work after about 2 months of constant use.

Also had 3 enzymes with each meal.

Front squats are great, honest lifter, but in my view you would get a lot more out of having back squats in your program both in terms of overall strength and even more specifically towards your DL goal. Any reason why you decided not to include them?

If it is a matter of time constraints, even in your current program structure, I would think they are more important than working your calves, and you could keep the front squats. Look forward to seeing your progress.

Are you talking about going lower in weighted dip reps than the 5 you already seem to be doing? In any event, I am aware of no reason to advise against it, but I don’t think that is going to change your bench press issues.

Rather I would ask about your dip range of motion: How complete is it on these. I am having trouble (like you yourself) from your posted information reconciling your dip ability with the bench press stats – just a question. Maybe you are getting used to a wider bench grip width (but you say 24 inches)? Is that a comfortable natural width for you?

Sumo Deadlift
270 x 3 (up 5 lbs)
270 x 1*
245 x 3

*Failed trying to get three�?�.VERY mad.

Front Squat
130 x 5 (up 2.5 lbs
130 x 5

Calf Raises (Single Leg w/ Dip Belt holding weights)
BW+73.75 x 5 (up 1.25 lbs)
BW+73.75 x 5

Stiff-Legged Deadlift
275 x 3 (up 7.5 lbs)
275 x 3

Glute/Ham Raises (just negatives)
Didn�??t Do

Side Bends (Full size bar in power rack)
Didn�??t do

I am toasted from this workout. I really need to make sure that I can get enough sleep during this week, or I know that I am not going to be ready for next weeks workout. I worked out at a different time than normal (earlier) and i think that is why i didn’t do too well on this workout.

For my dips, I take about 3 seconds or so to go down to parrallel and then I go back up. It feels like a much more powerful movement compared to the bench.

As regards to the back squat. I don’t think my body could adapt to another compound movement like that. By the time i finish this workout, I am completely spent…

[quote]honest_lifter wrote:
For my dips, I take about 3 seconds or so to go down to parrallel and then I go back up. It feels like a much more powerful movement compared to the bench.

As regards to the back squat. I don’t think my body could adapt to another compound movement like that. By the time i finish this workout, I am completely spent…[/quote]

Ideally your shoulders should be below your elbows, your upper arm below parallel to the dip bar. Maybe the difference in feeling has to do with your responding to the dip demand to engage your entire body in a manner you have not yet engaged on the bench.

Feet properly positioned on the floor there? Shoulders tight? Are you positioning the bar and driving it above your chest or letting it drift back to your face?

Not to harangue you, but since it appears you are not working out two days in a row, I would suggest doing a round of back squats on your other day. Again, to indicate what could be eliminated if time is a consideration, the curls could go: You are already doing chins.

What I think you need for your DL and overall strength is not an assistance exercise, but this other fundamental compound movement.

I am going to experiment with dropping any EXTRA works sets (beyond the first work set). I think I am a ecto-meso and so I need to just kill my body in a very brief session and then get out to grow.

I appreciate that man! I have some work to do on rearranging my program and eliminating unnecessary work! I will keep everyone updated.

Diet for May 18th, 2008

6 raw eggs
2 tblspn raw honey
1 tblspn bee pollen

3 scoops Metabolic Drive complete
2 scoops superfood
2 tblspn coconut oil

half a pizza

other half of pizza

3 scoops Metabolic Drive complete

For some meals today, i did not take enough hcl…man, i can notice the difference so much!!

Workout for Wednesday May 21, 2008

140 x 5 ( up 2.5)

90 x 8 Changed form and bar�?�much better lat involvement.

BW+5 x 5 (up 1.25)

BW+57 x 4 (up 2.5)

Ab Roll
40 x 5 (up 1.25)

Arm Curl
40 x 8 Changed to an EZ curl bar�?�felt better than adjustable dumbbells.

External Rotators
2.5 x 10 each arm

Internal Rotators
2.5 x 20 each arm

Decided to do just one top set of each of the exercises to see how it feels. I will see how it works for my progress, because in the end, that is all that matters. I don�??t need to feel a good pump, I just want to go up in weights with good form every week or two.

Also, I decided to really do a lot better at PNF stretching�?�I am doing upper body stretching after my upper body workout and also on Sunday. Again, I will see if it works well, I will keep everyone informed.

Diet for May 21, 2008

6 raw eggs
1 tblspn raw honey
1 tblspn bee pollen

7 oz ground bison
2 low carb tortillas
1 1/2 cup broccolli

3 Scoops Metabolic Drive Complete
2 tblspn flax
2 scoops Superfood
green salad w/ dressing (tblspn)

Post workout
3 scoops Surge
1 tblspn creatine
10 grams BCAA Powder

Some chickpea pancakes from the gourmet nutrition book by Dr. John Berardi (really cool book for food ideas)

I am trying to eat my last meal at 8:30p so that i can take BCAA caps and fish oil before bed at 9:30p.

Good work. What did you change with the rows?