Honest_lifter's Push for 315!

This training log is to track my progress as I shoot for 315lb in the deadlift! I lift two days a week and one is focused on lower body (specifically for deadlift) and the other is just a normal upper body. If any have any suggestions about things for me to work on, please let me know. I will also be posting my diet, mainly to help me keep on track :slight_smile:

Also, if you guys see some glaring imbalances, please call me out!

Stats: 6’ 2", 190 LBS, about 8% BF

So here is my first workout: Wednesday, May 7th, 2008

Flat Bench (24" between index fingers)
135 x 5
135 x 5

140 x 5
140 x 5

BW+2.5 x 5
BW+2.5 x 5

BW+52.5 x 5
BW+52.5 x 5

Ab Wheel w/ Weight
37.5 x 10
37.5 x 10

Arm Curl (Per Bell)
30.25 x 5
30.25 x 5

Rotator Cuff Work (L-Fly)
3.75 x 15 (left)
3.75 x 15 (right)

Ok, 2 days after the workout and I am sore! Did some PNF stretching last night, and that helped a little, but this morning was bad. Wednesdays workout I increased the width of my bench to hit the chest more…mission accomplished!

BTW, does anybody have any idea why the difference between my bench and my dip is so great??? Posting diet later today…

With Dips, you can change which muscles are the prime movers by changing your body posture. You can work primarily on your chest if you bend forward or on your triceps if you keep yourself upright.

But why do you think you have an imbalance between the two? What are you expecting? It’s hard to tell exactly what the difference is between them unless you take something to a max so you can compare the two. For example, 5 reps to failure in both.

I don’t do dips very often (because of shoulder issues), I have a really sucky bench, and I think my lifts have a wider variance than what you’re showing.

But another question, are you doing dips on an machine, assisted in some way, or from a free weight dip station?

I weigh 190 and dip with 52.5 lbs around my waist for 5 rep max. That is 242.5 total (give or take for forearm weight). And on bench I only lift 135 for 5 reps, and that is max. And in my workout I do bench first thing, and I do dips after bench, rows, and chins. I will upload videos of both later tonight.

Also I am doing dips free on bars, not machine. I lean slightly forward and go to parallel.

Wow! Ok, just finished my Lower Body workout. I missed last week due to a slight cold, but I forgot about it and still attempted my scheduled weight increase. Everything went up except for deadlift…they felt really heavy today, and so I missed my LAST rep on my second set. This is how it looked.

Sumo Deadlift
265 x 5
265 x 4

Front Squat
127.5 x 5
127.5 x 5

Calf Raises (Single Leg w/ Dip Belt holding weights)
BW+72.5 x 5
BW+72.5 x 5

Stiff-Legged Deadlift
267.5 x 5
267.5 x 5

Glute/Ham Raises (just negatives)

  • x 10

Side Bends (Full size bar in power rack)
110 x 5
110 x 5

Finished with run:
30 sec sprint followed by 2:30 seconds of jogging x 4

Once I figure out how to get the videos up, I have videos of bench, dips, sumo deadlifts, and SLDL’s.

What’s your training age? It shouldn’t take you very long to hit 315 on the DL, maybe just a few weeks.


I am 24. My genetics aren’t very good, and so to go up even 2.5 lbs a week on the deadlift right now is good. That is if my diet is in place. If I can get to bed early every night during the week, then I MAY be able to squeeze out 5 lbs and still keep good form.

Diet Today:


6 eggs raw in a cup.
2 Tablespoons of Raw Honey mix with Bee Pollen in warm water.

6oz ground beef
2 cups broccolli

Metabolic Drive Shake
1 Banana

During Workout
About 40 grams bcaa in water

Post Workout
Surge Recovery w/ extra BCAA

7 oz Ham cooked with E.V. Coconut Oil
2 Cups Broccolli

3 HCL w/ Pepsin
3 Enzymes
with each meal.

Other Supplements:
Flameout (3 Caps)

Today hamstrings are very sore. I am thinking about trying some active recovery, such as lifting some REALLY light weights today, to see if that helps my recovery.

I would say I feel about an 8 out of 10 today. It is a Monday after all.

I have been trying to move to more of an anabolic diet. You know, high in fat, protein and vegetables, but lower in carbs. It seems to be going good, but we’ll see how it affects my gains.

BTW, does anyone have any insight about the rep scheme I should use for the deadlift to speed up my path to 315? I was toying with the idea of doing 3x3, but I don’t know if that will have much of an impact. Thoughts?

Ok, I figured out how to get videos up, but I am also going to take pictures of my gym. I have a home gym, which makes everything very easy. Not to mention the fact that I cut out about an hour off my workout every time because of travel, and waiting for equipment, etc. Not EXTREMELY stacked, but its got the necessary stuff, and a few extras :slight_smile:


6 raw eggs in a cup with 2 tblspn raw honey and bee pollen

Metabolic Drive Shake w/ Superfood, Glutamine and 1 tblspn Coconut Oil


2 Almond Button Sandwiches w/ 1 1/2 mixed vegetables

7oz Turkey
1 cup broccolli
1/2 can pumpkin
2 tblspn butter

Metabolic Shake
1 tblspn Coconut Oil
3 Caps Fish Oil

Each meal:
3 HCL w/ Pepsin
3 Enzymes

Today. Today is good. I have almost completely recovered from the beating that my body took on the Saturday workout. I noticed that after every Lower body workout that I actually get depressed because my body is so physically drained. However, that normally goes away by the next morning if I get enough sleep. I have been really making sure that I am rested, and I am pumped for my upcoming Upperbody workout. Sorry about the pictures…I am still working on getting those up.

I ordered about 50 lbs of grass fed beef from texas and so I am waiting for those to come in. They should be in by this wednesday or Thursday. It comes out to like 5 dollars/pound, but it is worth it :slight_smile: The omega 3 to omega 6 ration is 1.0 to .80!

I am implementing a new recovery program. I am going to start doing a little foam rolling each day. If I do just a little, I will for sure be able to do it. Here it is:

Monday �?? Lats and Tri�??s
Tuesday �?? Chest and Bi�??s
Wednesday �?? Lower Body Stretching
Thursday �?? Hams, Glutes, and Calves
Friday �?? It Band, TFL and Quads
Saturday �?? Upper Body Stretching
Sunday �?? Erectors (w/ Foam Roller and Tennis ball)

This will insure that my Upper body is loosened up prior to my Upper body workout on Wednesday and that my Lower body will be loosened up prior to my Lower body workout on Saturday.

uh man, I’m impressed that you can stomach the raw eggs in the morning!

Your food intake is looking pretty good, hell better than mine has been these last couple of weeks.

I’ll be following along!

6 Raw Eggs
2 Bananas

7 oz ground beef
big green salad
1/2 cup celery

3 scoops Metabolic Drive
2 scoops Superfood
2 tblspn Fish Oil

2 Meat Sandwiches w/ Turkey and Raw Cheese

3 scoops Metabolic Drive
3 Caps Fish Oil

3 Enzymes
3 HCL w/ Pepsin
Per Meal

What about some additional grip work on your upper body day?

Heavy dumbell, or some body weight + additional weight hangs, timed holds. Build up your forearm and grip strength, will help your dead and will probably also help your bench.


It is interesting that you say that. Because I JUST took grip work out of my routine. I was doing pinch grip lifting on my upper body days, and wrist roller on my lower body day. The problem was, I rushed into the pinch grip too quickly and ended up aggrivating a latent trigger finger in my hand. In illinois you have to go to a MD to get a perscription for ART and so that is what I did and now i am going to go go for ART for 6 weeks to get the scar tissue removed. I have switched to using hooks and straps in the meantime so that I don’t agrivate it worse.

i got my deadlift up from 110kg to 175 in 4 months by doing singles msot of the time. now its at 180(i had about a month of barely going to the gym)

suppose that your max right now is 200lbs

i would go for 1150, 1185, 1195, 1200, 1*205 or 210 depends how easy the 200 is. if i could do the 200 but couldnt even get the 205 off the floor i’d do some other exercizes to help next time (pull from a deficit for example). if i couldnt lock out, i’d do some rack pulls. also make sure your back is straight during the whole pull, that helped me tremendously personally. also push only your legs at the start till the bar gets over your kneecaps. that helped me a lot too. other tips(for the bench for example) havent really helped me lift more weight but these ones have definitely.

Sweet! I am going to try that. This Saturday, I will work for a 3x3, and then work slowly toward single training. I am doing 5 reps now, so I don’t want to tax it immediately like that. I really appreciate that. I am a novice when it comes to rep schemes :slight_smile: