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Honduras President Arrested



Looks like more and more people are getting tired of bullshit.


From the looks of it that was one well planned and swiftly executed coup.


Yea no kidding, he is no longer in the country from news reports.


Obama's response to this in light of the one to the Iran situation is just precious.


Just making sure I have my facts straight:

(1) The Honduran Supreme Court and Congress declares that the Honduran president Zelaya's attempt to revise the constitution by referendum is illegal.
(2) The prosecutorâ??s office and the electoral tribunal issued orders for the referendum ballots to be confiscated,
(3) Zelaya led a group of protesters to an air force base and seized the ballots.
(4) When the army refused to help organize the vote, Zelaya fired the armed forces commander, (5) The Supreme Court ruled the firing illegal and reinstated the commander.
(6) The Honduran army removed Zelaya from power.

Obama now says that the army's ouster of Zelaya was illegal. I would hope that if the US president acted as the Honduran president has acted that he'd be swiftly and summarily removed from office.


Obama supports Zelaya, who was cast in the mold of Chavez and was trying to override the constitution. So, we will meddle in Honduran affairs, but not Iranian, do I have that correctly?

It is amazing the crap Obama is pulling and US citizens are letting him get away with.


I would hardly call a press statement meddling.


They didn't do jack for the election fraud in Iran. Not even a peep. Now, one of their socialista comrades tries to hijack the Honduras' democratic processes then gets the boot and Obama and company are pissed. First a press statement. Then let's see what rhetoric they spew by the end of the week. Hopefully, they'll realize the opinions here favor Zelaya's ouster and Opie will back off.


On the grand scale of things, Honduras could fall off the planet and it wouldn't matter.

Iran is a little more tricky.

Use your brain.


The point is, he leapt to the stringent defense of a leftist trying to illegally install himself as a dictator in Honduras and took a week to begrudgingly denounce the dictatorship in Iran.


It must be grand to be a moral relativist. Have fun with that.


Oh christ. Whatever.

Honduras is not that important. Iran MUST be dealt with more carefully.

You are a motherfuckin fool if you think any other way.


The point is, he leapt, like instantly, to the stringent defense of a leftist trying to illegally install himself as a dictator in Honduras and took a week to begrudgingly denounce the dictatorship in Iran. This isn't about Honduras or Iran. It's about Barack Obama.


Yea yea. He's a communist. I get it.


I think the labels are becoming less useful by the day which is why you haven't heard me using them much. You were right in there calling for a strong response to the situation in Iran where a nuclear dictatorship was killing people for protesting a very questionable election. Took a while to get anything meaningful on that one and when we did it was forced at best.

Here we have a guy making repeated attempts to wholly undermine the constitutional rule of law in his country by unilaterally forcing actions that would keep himself in power, a political ally of Chavez and the Castro brothers. He is forcibly, but bloodlessly removed and practically within the hour out come Barack and Hillary to declare him the president still. No trouble with a decisive view there at all.

You don't find this the least bit of an eyebrow raiser at all?


I'm not up on the things going on there, but let me just say that America has always been a supporter of cruel dictatorships if they favor us. So don't make it seem like Obama would be the first.

I think that he can say what he wants because the country isn't that important. It's not like Iran, where what they do will influence an entire race of people on whether to hate us or not. While I wanted him to take a stronger stance, I understand why he couldn't- the fragility of that situation cannot be overstated.

Honduras, though? You can say whatever, because all anybody wants out of Central America is some friggin stability. They don't have the power to influence the world like Iran does.

So no, I don't think it's all that strange.