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Honda Walking Assistance Device


This will be great or terrible. Although I see it and think of Ripley in "Aliens".

The device helps support your weight, gives your joints a break, gently propels you forward, and helps you climb and crouch. It is being tested in Japan


If it massages the buttocks, then I will have to purchase one.

I can see this being a great help to the elderly or handicapped. But its most likely that lazy people with money will buy it.


if they had a vibration option on it.... well.. I pretty much would have to get one


I think that's the Super Deluxe version.


That could be dangerous with stairs involved... yeah I would have to get one too then...


Or people with nasty arthritis...


Or people with the flu.


or people recovering from injury


or women wanting some more fun in their life (vibrating edition only)


This could completely change the way people stand in lines at amusement parks.


Maybe if I write them a letter they could include this option in future models.

This is the first step towards those acceleration suits in G. I. Joe


You mean instead of using a fucking rascal... I hate when fatasses skip the line becasue they are too lazy to walk or stand and rent one, pisses me off to no end


This is the Drunk mans fantasy. After Ten shots of Tequila or Quervo Black then you turn that puppy to Bionic and trot home.

Order me one with some room in the back for my ample BUTTOCKS