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Homosexuality in Prison


I didnt want to highjack the Prop 8 thread so I made a new one.

 In the Prop 8 thread the subject of homosexuality (sexual orientation, really) being a choice came up. There were some opinions throw out there back and forth but I thought of somthing, what about people who go to prison and are straight, have sex with the same sex while they are there, and then go back to having sex with the opposite sex when they get out? This realy boggles me because I've been deployed to Iraq twice, once for a year, and then for 15 months. I never looked at any of the other guys and thought about having sex with them. Could it be that the prison enviroment actually brings out the true sexual nature of people?


Your comparison is kinda weak. Prison is a lot different than being deployed. And 15 months isn't much of a prison sentence.


A round of applause for this man serving in the sandbox. Putting his ass on the line so we dont have to. I'm serious. On topic, I don't know I guess after 2-4 years your bunk buddy might start looking kinda of good. The last thing I would be thinking about would be sticking it if I were out in the sandbox.


I've never even seen the inside of a police car. I used the 2 comparisons because being deployed is the closest actual life experience that I myself have had to being locked up. Not because of the way I was treated but because of the lack of female contact and being cut off from "the real world".


I gotcha. And just so I am clear, I was in no way downplaying your deployments or your service.


After all the young women around the world raped by American soldiers (alive or witnessing from the grave), I find this thread very tasteless.


I read an article that showed the same behavior in animals caged with the same sex. Basically, they'd have sex with whatever was around after a while. Could be happening in prison.


Why? No one brought up rape except you. Either you just enjoy putting your own spin on everything or it's really just your train of thought that is tasteless.


well, they teach us that in basic training. I did eat a girl out on camp fallujah


Common sense tells me to prefer something being "tasteless" than it tasting like hot garbage. Your post being the "hot garbage" in this "tasteless" thread.

I give you the benefit of a doubt most of the time...but you're sinking to a new low with that comment. If you want to discuss American soldiers raping women all over the world,have at it.....in your own agenda-fueled thread. :slight_smile:


Homosexuality in prison is kind of a misnomer. Yes,men engage(willingly or unwillingly) in homosexual acts...but it's not so much that they're homosexual,per say.

Yes,the absence of females and desire for sexual gratification are contributors....but its all about survival(reference "willingly or unwillingly") and establishing dominance...a "prison hierarchy."

In a prison environment....its all about control. Those who force themselves on other inmates are doing so to break them down to have psychological control over that person...being the "Alpha Male." Establishing yourself as a "Alpha Male" could mean the difference in surviving or dying.

So in essence...prison brings out the basic feral instincts of men(mammals)....only a fraction of it being of a sexual nature. Think about why dogs of the same sex mount and hump each other.

Oh...and this all holds for female prison,too.


I wanna keep working out so if i DO have to go to prison, i'll hang out where they bring the new guys in.

as soon as they bring a new guy in i'm gonna stare at him with a scowl on my face and be like 'ima get that ass boy....'

later that night after they've been freaking about it all day i'll tell them that i'm kidding


Dat ass


After all the young women around the world raped by Islamic "militants" (alive or witnessing from the grave), I find this post very tasteless.


Thanks GB.

In response to the other comments that have been made here, now I wonder, could there be a certain time limit on when homosexuality starts when people are locked up?


I understand what you are saying but humans arent dogs. I wasn't excluding women from this subject but I do find it interesting that men in prison are way more likely to be sexually assaulted then women in prison.


You understand the difference between sexual behavior and sexual orientation. Maybe you can knock some sense into Zeb, who insists that it is impossible for straight guys to have sex with one another, under any condition.

He does this to "prove" that gays are just choosing to be gay, and would be equally happy with women.


All in the name of Allah. BAAIM!


Well I painted an easy picture for you.....can't help what you see...or,in this case...what you don't see. Tell me where I said humans are just like dogs. I said to think about WHY dogs behave like that.

I find it interesting that you have no grasp of why men in prison are way more likely to be sexually assaulted than women in prison. The reasons are too obvious for it to be that interesting.


If homosexuality is a choice, based on your prison argument, so is heterosexuality, when returning to the "real world".
If both are, there's no point in legally restricing one.

Listen to Big Boss here.
It's no coincidence men sometimes refer to an "ass beating", talk about "fucking s.b. up" etc.
Some of the rightwingers routinely attempt to feminize opposing debaters ("menstruating cunt")

In our primitve part of the brain, there's a hierarchy and he who is on top fucks the one below.